English 9 and English 9 MCCR

English 9 and English 9 MCCR

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English 9 and English 9 MCCR

Course Description:

This course is a complete program with all of the language arts strands woven together in a meaningful, relevant way. The high school curriculum provides a comprehensive study of language, literature, and language processes in accordance with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

In order to provide additional support to incoming freshman, all students in English 9 Comprehensive are also enrolled in English 9 MCCR. This second class is an elective and allows English 9 teachers to see their students every day, to provide the maximum support. English 9 MCCR is a mandatory class; students cannot opt out without moving to an honors class.

This course is designed to provide an overview of the elements of poetry, writing (narrative, expository, literary, and argumentative), drama, grammar, vocabulary, oral presentation, and various genres of literature. Through readings, class sessions, research, assignments, online resources and presentations, students will explore these elements. Students will receive instruction that meet the following goals:

  • Goal 1: The student will demonstrate the ability to respond to a text by employing personal experiences and critical analysis.
  • Goal 2: The student will demonstrate the ability to compose in a variety of modes by developing content, employing specific forms and selecting language appropriate for a particular audience and purpose.
  • Goal 3: The student will demonstrate the ability to control language by applying the conventions of Standard English in writing and speaking.
  • Goal 4: The student will demonstrate the ability to evaluate the content organization and language use of text.

English 9 is divided into four literature units which are augmented by grammar and writing instruction. This year, we will be looking at personal narratives, fictional novels, texts on advocacy and persuasion, and drama.

1st Quarter:
  • Study Skills
  • Close reading of complex texts
  • Argument and Persuasive Speeches/strategies
2nd Quarter
  • Personal Narratives "Responding to Challenge"
/ 3rd Quarter
  • Poetry
  • Novel Study: To Kill A Mockingbird
4th Quarter
  • Drama Study: Romeo and Juliet

Relevant Texts: Collections (textbook)

LN=Language Network;

LOL=The Language of Literature

Novel (various)

Required Materials For Class:

Text Book and/or assigned novel

3 subject Spiral notebook

Pocket Folder

Loose-leaf paper (college ruled)

Blue/Black Ink Pens or Pencil

English Department Grading Policy:

Per county policy, two grades will be entered every week. You and your parents will be able to view your progress in this class by accessing the SchoolMax Parent Portal. Directions on how to view your grades can be found by going to the High Point High School website:



Assessments (oral and written)50%

*You must pass each quarter with a 60% or better (averaged) to move up to 10th grade.

School Policies:

  • Uniforms: Uniforms must be worn at all times on school grounds. 9th grade students wear a white polo shirt with khaki shorts (of appropriate length) or pants. A navy sweater, hoodie, or other outerwear is also acceptable. HATS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Any students violating the dress code policy will be sent directly to the front office.
  • Ten-Minute Rule: No passes will be issued during the first ten minutes of class. No passes will be issued during the last ten minutes of class. Anyone in the halls during these times is subject to hall sweep. To leave you MUST use your agenda book. If you lose your book, you have to purchase another one for $5. I WILL NOT allow people to leave if they don't have their books.
  • Lateness: No student will be admitted to class late without a note. Students must be in the classroom to be considered present and on time. Parents will be notified of excessive tardies.
  • Academic Integrity/Plagiarism: Any student caught turning in a plagiarized assignment will receive a 0% for the assignment (based on the teacher’s discretion). Students can also receive a behavioral referral (based on teacher’s discretion).
  • Electronics Policy: Cell phones/MP3 players should not be seen or heard (unless otherwise indicated by teacher). I will be strictly following the PED rules as mandated by the school. If confiscation is necessary, security will be called.


Procedures are not rules, but rather, are processes that help maintain an efficient, orderly, and pleasant classroom. Please follow the procedures as I have them outlined here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Starting Class

  • Enter class and pick up journal and class folder from the appropriate bin.
  • Sit in assigned seat and take out writing utensil and agenda
  • Begin your warm-up

Tardy: You are tardy if you are not in the classroom and on your way to your seat when the bell rings.

  • Sign the tardy clipboard
  • Excused Tardy: place your pass in the tardy folder, move quietly to your seat and begin the day’s work.
  • Unexcused: Sign your name in the tardy book. You will get an after-school detention and a call home on the 3rd tardy.

Turning in Work:

  • All assignments will be handed in to the inbox marked by your class period.

Moving around the Room/Out of the Room

  • You must remain seated at all times during instruction.
  • If you need to sharpen a pencil, you must wait until after I am done giving directions. It is rude to get up while instruction is being given. If you have an emergency and need to use the restroom, simply raise your hand.
  • You will not be allowed to throw away any trash during instruction. Keep it on your desk or in your bag until it is appropriate to throw trash away.
  • I do not mind if you eat or drink in my class, however, you will not be allowed to throw away wrappers or bottles during instruction. If I find trash left after class, this privilege will be revoked.
  • If you know ahead of time that you will have to leave class, let me know when you arrive so that you may just get up and leave without distracting anyone.
  • At the end of class, you will pack up and return your folders to the appropriate bin when the teacher instructs.

Substitute Teachers

  • If your name is left for me by the substitute, you will get an automatic school detention.

Absent Students

  • Get missed work from the bin at the front of the classroom.
  • To ask about missed instruction or to make up tests, ask before or after class, NOT during instruction.
  • Complete assignments by the following class period or by the designated due date for full credit.
  • All missed work must be turned in by the following class period.

Physical Violence

  • Violence, bullying, or other intimidating behaviors will NOT BE TOLERATED in this class or this school. Engaging in these activities is grounds for your immediate removal from class.

How to head your assignments

  • MLA Format

Classroom Expectations

  1. That all students will follow rules the first time they are given.

(This saves us time and energy!)

  1. Students will remain seated in assigned seats.

(This makes the class more efficient and less disorderly.)

  1. Students will use appropriate and respectful language at all times.

(This makes the class a welcoming and pleasant environment.)

  1. Students will come to class mentally prepared with all their materials.

(Your participation makes this class a better learning community.)

  1. Students will raise their hand before speaking.

(This rule does not apply when participating in a seminar or discussion as indicated by the teacher.)

  1. Students will try their best and always be encouraging to their colleagues.

(Your positive attitude will make the class more enjoyable for everyone. And remember not to get frustrated if something is difficult. If it’s easy, you aren’t really learning anything.)

If you choose not to RISE to the class expectations, the following actions will take place:

  1. Warning (verbal and/or written)
  2. Call home
  3. Formal Detention
  4. Parent Teacher Conference
  5. Behavioral referral

Students: I have read the class guidelines and understand the repercussions if I choose not to follow them. I will RISE to these expectations while in room 229.

Student Name (Print) ______


Parent Information Questionnaire

Name: ______

Home Address: ______


Home Phone: ______

Cell/Work Phone (where you can best be reached during the day): ______

Email address: ______

Parent Acknowledgment: My child and I have discussed the class guidelines as well as the school policies. I understand that my student has agreed to follow these guidelines. I will support it.