Here’s your chance to lead.

You could be our Mentoring Program Champion.

COMPANY ABC is committed to giving back to our community. In partnership with MENTORING ORGANIZATION, we want to encourage employees to volunteer as mentors and make a lasting difference in the lives of local kids. Help us lead this initiative.

COMPANY ABC is launching a Corporate Mentoring Program to engageemployees wanting to volunteer their time and mentor kids in our community. As theMentoring Program Champion, you willlead the planning and coordination of recruitment activities, communicate mentoring opportunities to employees, and connect employees with our partner mentoring organization.

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What is a Mentoring ProgramChampion?

Working closely with our local mentoring organization partner and internal community investment and communications staff, the Mentoring ProgramChampion will lead our Corporate Mentoring Program and connect employees to local mentoring opportunities
with kids.

This role is integral to forging a strong relationship with our partner mentoring organization MENTORING ORGANIZATIONand to creating a strong culture of employee volunteering.

What is the time commitment?

The mentor recruitment campaign is expected to last six to eight weeks, starting DATE. The Mentoring Program Champion must be available for the duration of the campaign and should budget about 20hours over this period.

If campaign activities require more time, the Mentoring Program Champion may be asked to recruit additional champions to share the workload.

What are the responsibilities?

Reporting tothe SENIOR DIRECTOR, theMentoring Program Champion is responsible to:

  1. Liaise with the local mentoring organization to learn more about mentoring, the benefits of the Corporate Mentoring Program to the corporation and to employees, and the mentor recruitment process.
  2. Consult with our senior management team to clearly identify howCOMPANY ABC will support employee volunteering in terms of working hours and budget.
  3. Work with local mentoring organization to develop a communication plan for mentor recruitment, including timelines and budgets.
  4. Help assign responsibilities for program management, including the recruitment of additional champions if required.
  5. Liaise with internal staff in our community investment and/or corporate communications departments to finalize the communication plan and brand recruitment materials.
  6. Promote mentoring opportunities to employees and help execute the communications plan, including communications through newsletters, posters, meetings, and staff gatherings.
  7. Organize at least one information session where representatives from the local mentoring organization will share information about mentoring opportunities with kids.
  8. Answer questions from interested employees and/or refer questions to the mentoring organization.
  9. Collect applications (if applicable) and forward to the mentoring organization.
  10. Liaise between the mentoring organization, senior management, and employees as needed.
  11. Support the partner mentoring organization to conduct a year-end evaluation of mentors’ experiences, and report to senior management.

Got what it takes?

The Mentoring Program Champion must be driven, organized, and able to communicate effectively. Show us what you’ve got.

This is your opportunity to build your skills as a leader while meeting peers from across the organization, helping senior management make strategic decisions aboutemployee volunteering, and building a great relationship with our mentoring organization partner MENTORING ORGANIZATION.

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