November 28, 2017SH21

El Paso County

RE: SKP-16-002 - Waterbury Filing #2; Springs at Waterview Sketch Plan Update

October 16, 2017LSC Traffic Impact Study report.

Dear Nina Ruiz:

I am in receipt of anupdated Master Traffic Impact Study and the Wildlife Report regarding the referral request for comment on the subject planned development.The developments Legal Description (Parcel 135B) a tract of land located in a portion of Section 9, Township 15 South, Range 65 west of the 6th P.M. This proposed amendment to the Waterview Sketch Plan is focused specifically to four parcels at the northeast corner of Grinnell Boulevard and Bradley Road; Parcels P-5 and P-6. And the two parcels at the southeast corner of Bradley Road and Powers Boulevard; Parcels P-17 and P-18. Which address changes to road classification, roadway access and land usage as stated in the letter of intent dated 09/17.

The Region 2 Traffic Unit has reviewed theLSC - Traffic Impact Study Update dated Oct., 16, 2017 and have the following comments;

1. The site at the SE corner of Powers/Bradley will require traffic impact studies with each phase of development to determine the impacts at the intersection. Before full buildout of the Preliminary Plan site, it is likely a second southbound left-turn deceleration lane will be required at Powers/Bradley, as shown in Figure 10e.

2. The commercial site at the SE corner of Powers/Grinnell will require a traffic impact study before development. The roadway improvements shown in Figure 15 will be required with the commercial development, including the addition of a second left-turn lane from Grinnell onto Powers. Other improvements to the Powers/Grinnell intersection may also be warranted. The exact location of the proposed 3/4 access on Grinnell will also be evaluated at that time, as it relates to the planned future interchange at Powers/Grinnell.

The report shall be revised and re-submitted, at which the requirements above will be detailed and addressed. Upon review of the newly revised Traffic Impact Studies and if improvements are warranted a Access Permit will be need to be made to CDOT.

Additionally, The Region 2 Environmental Unit has reviewed the Stantec - Wildlife Report dated March 15, 2017 and sees no direct impacts and does not have any comments.

Please contact me at (719) 546-5732 with any questions.


Arthur Gonzales,

Access Manager

Xc:Jeff Hodsdon, LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc.

Mark Whorton, Classic Consulting, Inc.





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