Logan Food Gardeners Inc.

Management Committee Special Meetingre LEAF

Date: 26 April 2014

  • Time: 10am
  • Location: 75 Sewell Rd, Tanah Merah


Meeting Opened: 10.21am


  • The following people were present at the meeting:Emma-shae Dawson, Louise Staunton, Dale and Rob Lynch, Darlene Denton, Mike Lacey, Chris Downes, Mary Perryn, Janine Kornfield, Liz Woods, Lyn Buffett, Gabi Duffy


Received from Norma Ensor & Trinette Huston


  • Meeting called to order by President, Lyn Buffett who proposed the meeting follow the debrief notes from LEAF 2013 and thanked Liz Woods for preparing the notes.

1. Meeting business

It was resolved that:

1.1Preparation: an area 6m x 3m has been requested from LEAF organisers but not yet confirmed what size area Logan Food Gardeners Inc (LFG Inc) will be given.

Action: Lyn Buffett

1.2 Leaflets: enough in stock

1.3 Links to related website - promote LFG Inc via Facebook sites LFG Inc has liked.

Action Louise Staunton.

1.4 Seed packs: two + wrap around as done in 2013. Mary has the Word file for the wrap arounds. Action Mary Perryn and Emma-shae Dawson.

1.5 Seedling and Plant Preparation: Core list of suitable seed plantings includes Plants to sow / strike now for sale at LFG’s stall at Logan Eco Action Festival on 8thJune.

Tomatoes - Cherry (Tommy) tomatoes or normal


Snow peas

Lettuce and salad greens


Asian Greens: eg. pakchoy, choy sum, bokchoy,

HERBS: mint, basil, dill, coriander

Strawberry runners

These can be in individual containers/pots or in 4 or 6 cell punnets (not to be separated for sale). Not in seed raising trays.Must be of a reasonable, saleable size.

Action: Janine Kornfield, Lyn Buffett (all member email, see 2.2)

1.5.1 Seedlings to be displayed in new plastic containers (4 more to be purchased)

1.5.2 All seedlings to be individually labelled.

Action: Mary Perryn to purchase more plastic containers

1.6 Preparation and filling of rosters: Lyn Buffett to send out email to call for volunteers and Louise Staunton to organise the roster.

Action: Lyn Buffett and Louise Staunton

1.7 Demonstrations: Liz Woods to co-ordinate roster for demonstrations, ideas included worm farming (Lyn Buffett), gardening for small spaces (? Roman Spur), weed tea (Norma Ensor), beginning gardening in a styrofoam container.

1.7.1 Signs will need to be made

1.7.2 Idea of a badge with 'Grow Food? Ask Me!" + person's name.

Action: Liz Woods and Lyn Buffett to ask Roman

1.8 Prior promotion of LFG to MPs and Councillors: Lyn Buffett will repeat this successful approach.

Action: Lyn Buffett

1.9 Raffle: Mentoring prizes worth considering, start up kit for a garden (Mary Perryn to request donation); readymade Roman style Styrofoam plantar box; and also an organic shaped jewellery box hand made by Rob Lynch.

1.9.1 Art work and printing for a poster regarding the raffle by Mike Lacey. Mary Perryn to let Mike know as soon as prizes donated by organisation for 'start up kit' decided.

Action: Mary Perryn, Rob Lynch, Mike Lacey,

1.10 Cash float: separate seedling float from raffle float. Norma Ensor and Liz Woods to organise the float with appropriate amount of cash.

1.11 Drop off and delivery: unable to assess until site is known.

1.12 Props for stall: more lime green table cloths to be made by Liz Woods. Louise Staunton to organise the exhibition banner. Three bales of sugar cane mulch organised by Liz Woods. Art work and printing for image of a computer by Mike Lacey. Gabi Duffy has a bunch of sunflowers in a nice container for display.

1.12.1 Idea of sunflower hats or smaller sunflower attachment for the LFG Inc green caps. Emma-shae Dawson makes these and will trial.

Action: Liz Woods, Louise Staunton, Mike Lacey, Gabi Duffy, Emma-Shae Dawson.

1.13 Use of space: Seedlings in plastic containers sorted according to price. Emma-shae Dawson has some blackboard style signs for the prices. Two people to sell seedlings, one person cashier behind seedling table and two to three people in front to answers questions.

1.14 Raffle ticket selling and roving LFG promotion to festival goers. Bum bags to be used for holding money.

1.14.1 Idea of tray worn by roaming members to sell the raffle tickets. Gabi Duffy to investigate. Best to have two people roaming together for raffle.

1.14.2 Idea of roaming displays - sandwich boards - Gabi Duffy to investigate.

1.15 Lyn Buffett to find out if LFG Inc can use PA if power available.

Action: Lyn Buffett, Gabi Duffy

2. Other business

2.1 One 'Go To' person for all those involved in LEAF preparation to ensure smooth communication. Gabi Duffy agreed to do this with help from Chris Downes on the day.

Action: Gabi Duffy and Chris Downes + all LEAF organisers.

2.2 All-member messages to be sent out regarding seedlings, helpers and a general invite to LEAF.

Action: Lyn Buffett

Proposed: Lyn Buffett Seconded Mary Perryn Carried.

Next meeting

  • The date for next meeting for LEAF preparation to be held17th May 2014 , 10am 75 Sewell Rd, Tanah Merah


Meeting closed: 11.56am

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