HUSHCOREÔ Supreme™ System

For Air-Cooled Chillers



A.  The work consists of furnishing and installing a HUSHCORE™ SUPREME™ Chiller Noise Reduction System as listed in the specifications.


A. Product Data:

1.  Manufacturer’s original catalog cut sheets and material description for each sub-component incorporated into the system. Include construction details, materials, dimensions of individual components, profiles and finishes.


A. Single Source Requirements:

1.  Provide a HUSHCORE™ SUPREME™ Chiller Noise Reduction System from a single manufacturer.

2.  The SUPREME™ System acoustical barrier shall be supplied by the chiller manufacturer.

3.  The SUPREME™ System acoustical barrier shall be installed by the acoustical manufacturer.

B.  Manufacturer Qualifications:

1.  Company specializing in the manufacture of acoustical systems and related accessories with not less than 30 years documented successful experience with work comparable to work of this project.

2.  Design Requirements:

a)  Design system to meet chiller manufacturers published data pertaining to heat loss of compressors, and allowable pressure loss for condenser fan airflow..

b)  Design system to meet all environmental conditions such as temperature, wind, shrinkage, UV-rays, and moisture.



A.  BRD Noise and Vibration Control, Inc., PO Box 127, 112 Fairview Avenue, Wind Gap, PA, 18091, Phone: (610) 863-6300, Fax: (610) 863-4230, E-mail: , Website:

B.  “Or Equal” approval of the Acoustic Package will be given upon submission and review 10 days prior to bid day.


A. HUSHCORE™ SUPREME™ Chiller Noise Reduction System:

1) HUSH WALL™ Acoustical Metal Panel System, Part Number HG-410, Acoustical Metal Panels shall be pre-fabricated, sectional, modular and designed for easy and accurate assembly and disassembly. The acoustical panels and components are designed to completely surround an air cooled chiller on four sides with an open top. The panels shall be designed in a structural steel frame complete with access doors and trim components (see plan and elevation drawings). The final design shall be PE stamped for wind load compliance.

2) HUSH WALL™ HG-410 Metal Acoustical Panels shall be constructed with a 16 gauge solid galvanized steel outer shell, acoustical glass fiber insulation fill, and a 22 gauge perforated galvanized inner shell. The panels and components shall not be susceptible to damage due to extended exposure to vibration, air temperature, UV rays or humidity with passage of time.

3) The structural steel shall have a hot dip galvanized finish.

HUSHCORE™ Supreme™ System

For Air-Cooled Chillers (2-25-16)

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A. The Supreme™ System barrier wall enclosure shall lower the chiller sound to a maximum of [ ] dBA at the nearest residential property line [ ’] away.

B.  The acoustical treatment shall attain compliance with daytime and nighttime maximum allowable noise levels for ordinance [ ].

C.  This specification is a minimum design standard to be required of all chiller bidders. Bidders whose chiller has baseline sound levels higher than Basis of Design must supply all additional sound attenuation materials needed to meet the property line level.

D.  The chiller manufacturer shall provide after start-up noise readings by a qualified consultant to document spec compliance.


A. The acoustical barrier configuration shall include all acoustical louver air intakes, and condenser fan plenums

necessary to meet the chiller manufacturer’s recommended guideline for system pressure loss.

HUSHCORE™ Supreme™ System

For Air-Cooled Chillers (2-25-16)

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