Application Information and Criteria for the

International Dissertation Semester Research Fellowship



The International Dissertation Semester Research Fellowship carries a $7,000 stipend for advanced doctoral students to help facilitate research and the timely completion of their doctoral degree that requires extended research time abroad. A three (3) hour matriculation and/or out-of-state (if necessary) tuition waiver will be provided for the semester award period. As an exception to the standard enrollment requirement, The Graduate School only requires that the recipient register for three (3) dissertation hours. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that this exception does not negatively affect eligibility for Financial Aid, etc. and payment priorities will be applied if a student owes the University other accounts receivable.

Applicants must be admitted to candidacy, currently enrolled as a graduate student, and have completed all requirements for the degree except the dissertation by the start of the semester in which the work commences. Priority will be given to those students who have completed these requirements at the time of application. The fellowship may be undertaken during any semester within one year of the award date and the intended semester should be clearly defined and justified in the application. The fellowship cannot be held in conjunction with any other FSU fellowship or assistantship though recipients can be supported by such funds in other semesters, and once the application is submitted, the term(s) chosen by the applicant may not change.

Students wishing to be considered for the International Dissertation Semester Research Fellowship should contact their academic department to begin the application process. The departmental nomination deadline is January 5, 2018, the deadline of the student’s application is January 12, 2018, the recommender deadline is January 26, 2018, and the endorsement deadline is February 2, 2018. Listed below is the criteria and information that will be necessary to apply.


  • Description of dissertation work to be undertaken (no more than four (4) pages, double spaced, font size 12)
  • FSUtranscripts(as an attachment; ex: pdf., doc., docx.)
  • Other transcripts (as an attachment; ex: pdf., doc., docx.)
  • Graduate GPA (confirmed by department)
  • Provide 2 recommenders information (name, email address, etc.) –

oneletter from your major professor that addresses the importance of the research and

preparedness of the student to conduct the work and oneadditional letter from faculty

  • Provide timetable for completion of degree (as an attachment; ex: pdf., doc., docx.)


  • An academic department may nominate a student of their choosing or any student wishing to apply may contact their academic department. To be considered, applicants must fulfill eligibility as stated in paragraph two.
  • Once the academic department has submitted the nomination, the student isemailed a link to the online application along with a list of the required materials needed to complete the application. The student must not begin the application until they have all of the materials listed below AND they have approximately one hour to spend working on the application. NOTE: Applicants cannot stop or start the application; they must submit it in the same session in which they begin. Also, they may not edit the application once it has been submitted, or change the scope of work once it has been submitted.
  • Submitting multiple applications is not permitted. Recommenders will be allotted a time period to provide the recommendation for the student. Once the recommendation letters are provided, the students’ application is considered complete. The Dean/Dean Designee, Department Chair, or Faculty Graduate Program Director will then be sent a link to the completed application for their review and endorsement. An endorser may also submit a student nomination.

For questions regarding this fellowship, please contact Brian Barton or Ashley Jarvis in The Graduate School, 314 Westcott Building.
Phone 850-644-3501, Fax 850-644-2969, or via email at ().