Disclosure ScotlandStakeholder Advisory Board

Representative:Yvette Burgess, CCPS




Disclosure Scotland has a commitment to improve and evolve its services. It has recently carried out extensive customer research and is aware that it needs to improve how it communicates with and engages stakeholders. There are significant changes facing the Agency and its challenge is to transform to fit new market and legislative circumstances whilst preserving the high standard of public service and delivery the agency has maintained to date.


The group will advise Disclosure Scotland on future work areas or about the stakeholder implications and reaction to possible future scenarios for the Agency and its services. It will primarily be a ‘safe’ environment for the sharing of ideas and feedback. By providing a senior communication touch point for stakeholders and customers it will be an important plank in the Agency’s transformation programme, already underway.

The group will:

1.1Help ensure that Disclosure Scotland understands stakeholder views and communicates its own views as part of an ongoing dialogue;

1.2Play an important part in scoping and helping Disclosure Scotland conduct a review of the success and effectiveness of the current PVG scheme;

1.3Provide consultation and engagement on the practical implications arising from the future transformation work presently being undertaken by Disclosure Scotland;

1.4Meet at a frequency appropriate to the work being taken forward;


Keith Ross (Chair)

Lynne McMinn (Secretariat) – Disclosure Scotland

Gerard Hart – Disclosure Scotland

John Fender – SPT

Lynne Stockey – NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Stuart Bain – Fife Council

Lynsey Cleland – Pharmacy Regulation

Harry McQuillan - Community Pharmacy Scotland

John Adams - The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Yvette Burgess - Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland

Jenni Duncan – NHS Lothian

Colburn Coralie - Scottish ambulance service

Kirsty Dace – BUPA

Caroline Sharp – NHS Dumfries and Galloway

Kay Hopwood – Aberdeenshire Council

The Chair may seek, invite and/or co-opt additional members and/or seek specialist advice as needed for its work.

The Chair may ask any member to withdraw from the Board after consultation with the Disclosure Scotland Chief Executive Officer. When such a request is made, that individual will cease to be a member of the Board.


Meetings will be held every 4 Months, with additional meetings scheduled if necessary. On occasion, the Chair may invite representatives of other stakeholders to contribute to and/or attend a meeting in relation to a particular issue/agenda item.


The secretariat will produce an agenda and papers as soon as possible in advance of meetings. A summary note of meetings and actions will be taken and circulated to members. Each member will be expected to have a representative role, and will therefore have liaised with and briefed their respective organisations and networks prior to the meeting. to ensure they are sighted on the meeting and aware of the discussions that are to take place. Members are also requested to feedback the outcomes of any meetings with their organisations and / or networks that they represent.


The chair will provide formal updates to the Chief Executive of Disclosure Scotland and to the DS Board as requested by the CEO. Informal updates will also be provided to the CEO and Executive Directors as appropriate.

Please get in touch with Yvette Burgess directly if you have any specific queries.