P.O. BOX 202


(717) 610-3310


Meeting was called to order at 1900 hrs.

In attendance: President Stephen Kowalewski; Vice President Jacob Baughman; Secretary/Treasurer Thomas Gates; Mayor Frances Ewing and Council Members: Harold Gilbert, Kenneth Morrison, Richard Garber and Code Enforcement Officer Harry Nazzaro.

The Meeting Minutes for October 9, 2017 were read and approved. Motion to approve by Kenneth Morrison. 2nd by Harold Gilbert. Motion carried.




Ordinance Committee. Possible update of Grass & Weed Ordinance.

Code Enforcement Officer. Report.

Waste Treatment Plant Operator. Report. Also, tractor at plant is in need of new tires. Landisburg Borough to pay half of total bill not to exceed $600.00 dollars. Motion by Richard Garber. 2nd by Harold Gilbert. Motion carried.

Richard Garber to inquire to Carl Nace as to use of all flares.

Stop signs. C.E.O. to get a priority list of the older signs that need replacement.

Speed bumps. Still setting a date for installation.


Penn Environmental & Remediation. Free trees. Plans to make an order in the Spring of 2018.

Perry County Memorial Wall. Donation of $250.00 dollars for an 8x8 brick. The brick to read “Citizens of Landisburg Boro 2018”. Motion by Richard Garber. 2nd by Kenneth Morrison. Motion carried.

Christmas Tree lighting. Need to purchase lights. Invoice of $255.88. Motion by Richard Garber. 2nd by Kenneth Morrison. Motion carried.

Emergency Management Agency. Downed trees. 1st call to Jacob Baughman. Depending the size of the tree, next call to Landisburg Fire Company.

Letter for the Landisburg Borough Committee. Motion to approve by Richard Garber. 2nd by Jacob Baughman. Motion carried. The Christmas Tree lighting flyer and the Landisburg Borough Committee letter to be distributed in and around the Borough.

Holiday Wreaths install on 11/22/2018 @ 9:30am.

201 Water Street. Tree limbs to be trimmed.

Civiclive web building company. Get pricing for hosting, maintenance and posting.

2018 Budget for 1st Borough Council Meeting on 1/8/2018. “Welcome to Landisburg” sign.

Review new ordinances the Borough Solicitor drafted.

On a question by Harold Gilbert. A prayer before meeting. Contact Borough Solicitor.

Bills were read.

Motion to pay bills by Harold Gilbert. 2nd by Richard Garber. Motion carried.

Adjournment at 2010 hours.