Dear Student:

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to your 10th grade English II class at LMHS. I want to invite you to participate in an experience which will create a positive influence in your life. Our classroom will be a community environment. Everyone's voice and opinion is important and will be listened to and heard. We will treat each member of our community with the same respect that we would all like to be treated. I will do my best to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. I am here to help facilitate your learning and am looking forward to gaining valuable information and wisdom from you. Being a part of a community is a big responsibility -- I hope you will choose to rise to the occasion!

What I expect:

  • Come to class prepared and on time
  • Participation in class discussion.
  • Completed assignments. (This includes all projects and/or drafts of projects and essays)
  • Completion of all reading assignments and journal entries
  • Respect for the thoughts and feelings of all of your classmates (We work as one Hawk here!)

What you can expect:

  • Your assignments returned in a timely fashion with comments.
  • Assistance whenever you request it.
  • An interesting and exciting class that you can look forward to attending.
  • High expectations and constant encouragement.

Course Description:

This course focusses on providing instruction that enables students to develop reading and writing skills through in depth analysis of text. There is a strong focus on understanding vocabulary in context as well as recognizing main idea, inference, purpose, and tone within texts. The course also concentrates on language study, writing, from pre-writing to publication, the study of Standard English conventions, and the study of mentor writing selections to assist in the development of various forms of writing and media publication.

Theme:Traveler’s Mindset…What is it?


Most of our course documents will be electronic. However, a separate English composition notebook is required for this course as well as afolder to keep all worksheets and graded papers. This should be brought to class every day. Failure to do so will result in NOT being prepared for class which will lead to low grades in class participation and the assignments for the day.

Writing Focus:

By the end of the course, students will have written five different types of essays:

  • Informative/ExplanatoryPersonal Narrative
  • ArgumentativeLiterary Analysis

Students will use the writing process, including prewriting, drafting, revising and editing, for all major essays. Students will also be asked to participate in vocabulary, grammar, journals, short essay questions and other forms of writing all designed to improve writing practice.

Literary Focus:

Our Sophomore English course will have a thematic focus to achieve our learning goals and objectives. Each Unit will include one Master Work and a variety of support texts, including but not limited to, poetry, essays, and informational texts.

Collection 2: The Natural WorldCollection 5: Absolute Power

Collection 1: Ourselves and Others Collection 3: Responses to Change


This is a TOTAL POINTS system with no weighting. You do the work, you earn the points, and you get the grade.

Grades will be kept electronically. Should you have a question or concern, please give me a week notice for any grade changes, revisions, or updates. Grades will be posted electronically. It is your responsibility to keep updated with your grades.


With the technology that is available, you will be able to access your assignments through the internet at any time. It is your responsibility to keep track of the class and assignments and to make up any work missed within five days of your absence to avoid receiving a zero. If you have questions about missed assignments, it is your responsibility to check with me as soon as possible.

Important: If you are absent on the date of any major assignment, such as an essay, you are still required to turn it in even if you are not in class. Email is acceptable.

I can hardly wait to witness your part in Building a Legacy of Excellence!

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Academically Focused

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