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<HEAD>Gio's Movie files: ACTORS</HEAD>


<H1>Movies ACTOR file</H1>

MASTER ACTORS BASE File of Movies [bramble]gio/mov/actors.html<BR>

This file is copyright 1987, 1989,1990,1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 by Gio Wiederhold.<BR>

About 7259-3*86-57 = 7259- entries.<BR>

% updated with DoD from 1991 Obituaries, S.F.Chronicle 1994<BR>

Restored 20March99 from backup of 19Dec1998.<BR>

Lines used are marked %X sections are identified by T7



Stage-name, dates-of-work, family name at birth, given name at birth, gender; date-of-birth; date-of-death (199x if alive beyond dow); role type; picture pointer; Notes as Citation, Award, Married, Lived-with, Sibling, Parent, Child, etc. <BR>

Model line (F5):<BR>

<tr<td> stagenm<td> -1997<td> fmn<td> gn<td> G<td> dob<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> <td>|


<H3>Actors: A AAAAA</H3>



<tr<td> Willie Aames<td> <td> Aames<td> William<td> M<td> 1960<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Bud Abbott<td> 1939-1956<td> Abbott<td> William<td> M<td> 1895<td> 1974<td> R:straight <td> comedian<td> \Am<td> <td> Ww(Lou Costello) St(Universal)<td>|

<tr<td> Diahnne Abbott<td> 1976-1982<td> <td> <td> F<td> [1][23]<td> 199x<td> R:sexy<td> \Am<td> <td> Cit(2) Mt(Robert deNiro;)<td>|

<tr<td> George Abbott<td> 1928-1958<td> Abbott<td> George<td> M<td> 1887<td> 199x<td> R:playwright, producer<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> John Abbott<td> 1937-1975<td> Abbott<td> John<td> M<td> 1905<td> 199x<td> R:staring eyes, eccentric parts<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Philip Abbott<td> 1957-1973<td> Abbott<td> Philip<td> M<td> 1923<td> 199x<td> R:second lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Kareem AbdulJabbar<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> R:basketball player<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Walter Abel<td> 1935-1974<td> Abel<td> Walter<td> M<td> 1898<td> 1987<td> R:harrassed hero<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> F.Murray Abraham<td> 1983<td> <td> <td> M<td> [1][23]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> James Abrahams<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1][23]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> Maury Abram<td> <td> <td> <td> <td> [1][23]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Er(name) Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> Victoria Abril<td> 1985-1990<td> <td> <td> F<td> [1][23]<td> 199x<td> R:sexy<td>\Portugse <td> <td> Cit(2)<td>|

<tr<td> Joss Ackland<td> 1949-1979<td> Ackland<td> Joss<td> M<td> 1928<td> 199x<td> R:larger-than-life personality<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Dan Ackroyd<td> 1979-1990<td> Ackroyd<td> Dan<td> M<td> [23]<td> 199x<td> R:comic<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> David Ackroyd<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> 1940<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Am<td> <td> Cit(0)<td>|

<tr<td> Peter Ackroyd<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(0)<td>|

<tr<td> Rodolfo Acosta<td> 1948-1967<td> Acosta<td> Rodolfo<td> M<td> 1920<td> 1974<td> R:cold-eyed<td> \Am-Me<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Eddie Acuff<td> 1935-1947<td> Acuff<td> Eddie<td> M<td> 1902<td> 1956<td> R:supporting comedian<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Jean Adair<td> 1922-1947<td> Adair<td> Jean<td> F<td> 1872<td> 1956<td> R:sweet aunt<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Alfred Adam<td> 1935-1961<td> Adam<td> Alfred<td> M<td> 1909<td> 1982<td> R:weak, villainous<td> \Fr<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Ronald Adam<td> 1938-1971<td> Adam<td> Ronald<td> M<td> 1896<td> 1979<td> R:well-bred, stuffy professional<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> John Adames<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1][23]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> Beverly Adams<td> 1963-1967<td> Adams<td> Beverly<td> F<td> 1945<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Ca<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Brooke Adams<td> 1977-1983<td> Adams<td> Brooke<td> F<td> 1949<td> 199x<td> R:laid-back<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Catlin Adams<td> <td> Barab<td> Catlin<td> <td> 1950<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Dorothy Adams<td> 1938-1976<td> Adams<td> Dorothy<td> F<td> 1915<td> 199x<td> R:timorous sullen<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Edie Adams<td> 1960-1979<td> Enke<td> Elizabeth Edith<td> F<td> 1929<td> 199x<td> R:pert comedienne<td> \Am<td> <td> Mt(Ernie Kovacs)<td>|

<tr<td> Jane Adams<td> 1945-1949<td> Adams<td> Jane<td> F<td> 1921<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Jill Adams<td> 1954-1966<td> Adams<td> Julia<td> F<td> 1931<td> 199x<td> R:pert light lead<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Julie Adams<td> 1947-1981<td> Adams<td> \S{Betty May (Julia)<td> F<td> 1926<td> 199x<td> R:soft<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Maud Adams<td> 1952-1967<td> Wikstrom<td> Maude<td> F<td> 1950<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Sw-\Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Nick Adams<td> 1952-1967<td> Adamschock<td> Nicholas<td> M<td> 1931<td> 1968<td> R:neurotic aggressive lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Robert Adams<td> 1935-1947<td> Adams<td> Robert<td> M<td> 1906<td> 199x<td> R:black<td> \WI<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Sam Adams<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1][23]<td> 199x<td> R:comic<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Tome Adams<td> 1963-1975<td> Adams<td> Tome<td> M<td> 1938<td> 199x<td> R:burly<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Dawn Addams<td> 1951-1977<td> Addams<td> Dawn<td> F<td> 1930<td> 1985<td> R:smart, glamorous<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Wesley Addy<td> 1951-1982<td> Addy<td> Wesley<td> M<td> 1912<td> 1997<td> R:humourless, sinister<td> \Am<td> <td> Mt(Celeste Holm)<td>|

<tr<td> Isabelle Adjani<td> 1971-1983<td> Adjani<td> Isabelle<td> F<td> 1955<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Fr-\Ge<td> <td> Lw(Nuytten, Warren Beatty, Daniel DayLewis)<td>|

<tr<td> Jay Adler<td> 1938-1965<td> Adler<td> Jay<td> M<td> 1899<td> 1978<td> R:character<td> \Am<td> <td> Si(Luther Adler)<td>|

<tr<td> Luther Adler<td> 1937-1981<td> Adler<td> Lutha<td> M<td> 1903<td> 1984<td> R:heavy<td> \Am<td> <td> Si(Jay,Stella)<td>|

<tr<td> Renee Adoree<td> 1920-1930<td> de la Font\`e<td> Jeanne<td> F<td> 1898<td> 1933<td> R:exotic<td> \Fr<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Mario Adorf<td> 1959-1981<td> Adorf<td> Mario<td> M<td> 1930<td> 199x<td> R:European films<td> \Zw<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Max Adrian<td> 1934-1971<td> Bor<td> Max<td> M<td> 1902<td> 1973<td> R:high camp personality<td> \Ir<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> John Agar<td> 1948-1976<td> Agar<td> John<td> M<td> 1921<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> <td> Mt(Shirley Temple)<td>|

<tr<td> Rati Agnihotri<td> 1985<td> bn<td> fn<td> F<td> 1960<td> 199x<td> R:modern dancer<td> \In<td> <td> <td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Jenny Agutter<td> 1964-1981<td> Agutter<td> Jenny<td> F<td> 1952<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Brian Aherne<td> 1924-1967<td> Aherne<td> Brian<td> M<td> 1902<td> 1986<td> R:gentle lead<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Philip Ahn<td> 1936-1975<td> Ahn<td> Philip<td> M<td> 1911<td> 1978<td> R:Asiatic<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Anouk Aim\'ee<td> 1947-1983<td> Dreyfus<td> Fran{\c}coise Sorya<td> F<td> 1932<td> 199x<td> R:poised heartthrob<td> \Fr<td> <td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Richard Ainley<td> 1936-1949<td> Ainley<td> Richard<td> M<td> 1910<td> 1967<td> RU:<td> \Br<td> <td> Ch(Henry Ainley)<td>|

<tr<td> Maria Aitkins<td> 1989<td> <td> <td> F<td> [1][23]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> Franklyn Ajaye<td> 1976-1978<td> <td> <td> M<td> 1949<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Muriel Aked<td> 1922-1953<td> Aked<td> Muriel<td> F<td> 1887<td> 1955<td> R:comedy spinster, gossip<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Claude Akins<td> 1953-1979<td> Akins<td> Claude<td> M<td> 1918<td> 1994<td> R:western villain, burly middle-aged hero<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Serap Aksoy<td> 1991<td> Aksoy<td> Serap<td> F<td> <td> 199x<td> R:sr<td> \Tu<td> <td> Nt(ex-ballerina)<td>|

<tr<td> Josh Albee<td> 1979<td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(0)<td>|

<tr<td> Anna Maria Alberghetti<td> 1951-1960<td> Alberghetti<td> Anna Maria<td> F<td> 1936<td> 199x<td> R:singer<td> \It<td> <td> Also(operatic singer)<td>|

<tr<td> Han Albers<td> 1923-1960<td> Albers<td> Han<td> M<td> 1892<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Ge<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Eddie Albert<td> 1938-1982<td> Heimberger<td> Eddie Albert<td> M<td> 1908<td> 199x<td> R:honest Joe<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Edward Albert<td> 1965-1982<td> Albert<td> Edward<td> M<td> 1951<td> 199x<td> R:light<td> \Am<td> <td> Ch(Eddie Albert)<td>|

<tr<td> Edward Albert~jr.<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(0)<td>|

<tr<td> William Albert<td> 1982<td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(0)<td>|

<tr<td> Frank Albertson<td> 1928-1963<td> Albertson<td> Frank<td> M<td> 1907<td> 1981<td> R:straight<td> \Am<td> <td> Ww(Hitchcock)<td>|

<tr<td> Jack Albertson<td> 1947-1978<td> Albertson<td> Jack<td> M<td> 1907<td> 1981<td> R:character<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Mabel Albertson<td> 1939-1970<td> Albertson<td> Mabel<td> F<td> 1901<td> 1982<td> R:nosey neighbour, wise and witty grandma<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Hardie Albright<td> 1931-1957<td> Albrecht<td> Hardy<td> M<td> 1903<td> 1971<td> R:underused lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Lola Albright<td> 1949-1968<td> Albright<td> Lola<td> F<td> 1925<td> 199x<td> R:stylish, tough-talking<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Alan Alda<td> 1963-1982<td> Alda<td> Alan<td> M<td> 1936<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> .tiff<td> Ch(Robert Alda)<td>|

<tr<td> Robert Alda<td> 1945-1976<td> d'Abruzzo<td> Alphonso<td> M<td> 1914<td> 1986<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Rutanya Alda<td> 1978-1982<td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> R:}<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(2)<td>|

<tr<td> John Alderton<td> 1964-1976<td> Alderton<td> John<td> M<td> 1940<td> 199x<td> R:light lead<td> \Br<td> <td> Mt(Pauline Collins)<td>|

<tr<td> Vera Alentova<td> 1980<td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(0)<td>|

<tr<td> Ben Alexander<td> 1917-1957<td> Alexander<td> Nicholas Benton<td> M<td> 1911<td> 1969<td> R:boy actor<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Jane Alexander<td> 1970-1983<td> Quigley<td> Jane<td> F<td> 1939<td> 199x<td> R:regal<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> John Alexander<td> 1936-1960<td> Alexander<td> John<td> M<td> 1901<td> 1982<td> R:portly<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Katherine Alexander<td> 1934-1949<td> Alexander<td> Katherine<td> F<td> 1901<td> 1981<td> R:sympathetic<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Ross Alexander<td> 1932-1937<td> Alexander<td> Ross<td> M<td> 1907<td> 1937<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Sandy Alexander<td> 1983<td> <td> <td> <td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(0)<td>|

<tr<td> Terence Alexander<td> 1951-1979<td> Alexander<td> Terence<td> M<td> 1923<td> 199x<td> R:ineffectual<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Hope AlexanderWells<td> <td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Muhammed Ali<td> 1977<td> Clay<td> Cassius<td> M<td> 1942<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> Black-\Am<td> <td> Also(boxing champion)<td>|

<tr<td> Dorothy Alison<td> 1952-1972<td> Alison<td> Dorothy<td> F<td> 1925<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Au<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Andrea Allan<td> <td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Elizabeth Allan<td> 1931-1958<td> Allan<td> Elizabeth<td> F<td> 1908<td> 199x<td> R:delicate or aristocratic heroines<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> William Alland<td> 1941-1961<td> Alland<td> William<td> M<td> 1916<td> 199x<td> R:enquiring reporter<td> \Am<td> <td> Ww(Orson Welles)<td>|

<tr<td> Chesney Allen<td> 1935-1944<td> Allen<td> Chesney<td> M<td> 1894<td> 1982<td> R:light comedian<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Catherine Allegret<td> 1965<td> <td> <td> F<td> <td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Fr<td> <td> Ch(Simone Signoret)<td>|

<tr<td> Elizabeth Allen<td> 1960-1972<td> Gillease<td> Elizabeth<td> F<td> 1934<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Fred Allen<td> 1935-1953<td> Sullivan<td> John F.<td> M<td> 1894<td> 1956<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> <td> Also(comedienne)<td>|

<tr<td> Gracie Allen<td> 1933-1944<td> Allen<td> Gracie<td> F<td> 1902<td> 1964<td> R:scatterbrained comedienne<td> \Am<td> [4.95]<td> Mt(George Burns) Er(dob 1906)<td>|

<tr<td> Karen Allen<td> 1978-1982<td> Allen<td> Karen<td> F<td> 1955<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Nancy Allen<td> 1973-1983<td> Allen<td> Nancy<td> F<td> 1954<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> <td> Mt(Brian dePalma)<td>|

<tr<td> Patrick Allen<td> 1955-1982<td> Allen<td> Patrick<td> M<td> 1927<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Rae Allen<td> <td> <td> <td> <td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Steve Allen<td> 1949-1989<td> Allen<td> Steve<td> M<td> 1921<td> 199x<td> R:dry comic<td> \Am<td> <td> Also(radio, TV)<td>|

<tr<td> Woody Allen<td> 1965-1983<td> Konigsberg<td> Allen Stewart<td> M<td> 1935<td> 199x<td> R:confused innocent<td> \Am<td> [4.818][4.2]<td> Mt(Harlene Rosen, Louise Lasser, Mia Farrow, Sun Yee)<td>|

<tr<td> Joseph Allen~jr.<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> [4.780]<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Kirstie Alley<td> 1982-1990<td> Alley<td> Kirstie<td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> R:spunky<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Sara Allgood<td> 1918-1950<td> Allgood<td> Sara<td> F<td> 1883<td> 1950<td> R:amiable<td> \Ir<td> <td> Ww(Hitchcock)<td>|

<tr<td> Claud Allister<td> 1929-1953<td> Palmer<td> Claud<td> M<td> 1891<td> 1970<td> R:silly monocled<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Astrid Allwyn<td> 1932-1943<td> Allwyn<td> Astrid<td> F<td> 1909<td> 1978<td> R:lead<td> \Sw<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> June Allyson<td> 1943-1978<td> Geisman<td> Ella<td> F<td> 1917<td> 199x<td> R:tomboy tease<td> \Am<td> <td> Mt(dick Powell)<td>|

<tr<td> Pedro Almodovar<td> <td> Almodovar<td> Pedro<td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> R:wild<td> \Sp<td> <td> Mainly(D)<td>|

<tr<td> Maria Conchita Alonso<td> <td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> Corinne Alphen<td> 1983<td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> R:beauty<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(2)<td>|

<tr<td> Kirk Alyn<td> 1942-1950<td> Alyn<td> Kirk<td> M<td> 1910<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Betty Amann<td> <td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> Leonora Amar<td> <td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> Don Ameche<td> 1936-1983<td> Amici<td> Dominic Felix<td> M<td> 1908<td> 1993<td> R:pleasant hero<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Lucio Amelio<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> Leon Ames<td> 1932-1972<td> Wycoff<td> Leon<td> 1903<td> 1993<td> 199x<td> R:harassed or kindly father, suave professional man<td> \Am<td> <td> Mainly(TV; Mr.Ed's neighbor)<td>|

<tr<td> Ramsay Ames<td> 1944-1963<td> Philips<td> Ramsay<td> F<td> 1919<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Suzy Amis<td> 1993<td> Amis<td> Suzy<td> F<td> 1962<td> 199x<td> R:handsome<td> \Am<td> <td> Mt(Sam Robard)<td>|

<tr<td> John Amos<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(2)<td>|

<tr<td> John Amplas<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td> Cit(1)<td>|

<tr<td> Dev Anand<td> 1958-1980<td> bn<td> fn<td> M<td> <td> 199x<td> R:hero<td> \In dian<td> <td> Nt(like Gregory Peck)<td>|

<tr<td> Glenn Anders<td> 1930-1951<td> Anders<td> Glenn<td> M<td> 1889<td> 1981<td> R:sinister<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Luana Anders<td> 1958-1982<td> Anders<td> Luana<td> F<td> 1949<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Merry Anders<td> 1952-1958<td> Anders<td> Merry<td> F<td> 1932<td> 199x<td> R:light lead<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Bridgette Andersen<td> <td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Bibi Anderson<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> R:transvestite<td> <td> <td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> E. Erich Anderson<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Rochester<td> 1930-1965<td> Anderson<td> Eddie<td> M<td> 1905<td> 1977<td> R:black comedian<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> G.M. Anderson<td> 1903-1965<td> Aronson<td> Max<td> M<td> 1882<td> 1971<td> R:cowboy<td> \Am<td> <td> Ty(Bronco Billy) Fd(Essanay) Aw(AA special 1957)<td>|

<tr<td> Harriet Anderson<td> 1955<td> Anderson<td> Harriet<td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> R:nude villain<td> \Sw<td> [18.228]<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Herbert Anderson<td> 194-1969<td> Anderson<td> Herbert<td> M<td> 1917<td> 199x<td> R:mild-mannered<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Ingrid Anderson<td> <td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Jean Anderson<td> 1947-1979<td> Anderson<td> Jean<td> F<td> 1908<td> 199x<td> R:sympathetic nurse, tired mother, spinster aunt<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> John Anderson<td> 1958-1978<td> Anderson<td> John<td> M<td> 1922<td> 199x<td> R:Tall, thin, pale-eyed<td> \Am<td> <td> Ww(Hitchcock)<td>|

<tr<td> Judith Anderson<td> 1933-1984<td> Anderson<td> Dame Frances Margaret<td> F<td> 1898<td> 1992<td> R:icy presence<td> \Au<td> <td> Ww(Hitchcock)<td>|

<tr<td> Lindsay Anderson<td> 1981<td> Anderson<td> Lindsay<td> M<td> 1923<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Br<td> <td> Also(D, critic)<td>|

<tr<td> Loni Anderson<td> 1977<td> Anderson<td> Loni<td> F<td> 1947<td> 199x<td> R:sexy blonde<td> \Am<td> <td> Mt(Ross Bickel,Burt Reynolds,)<td>|

<tr<td> Mary Anderson<td> 1939-1953<td> Anderson<td> Mary<td> F<td> 1920<td> 199x<td> R:supporting<td> \Am<td> <td> Ww(Hitchcock)<td>|

<tr<td> Melissa Sue Anderson<td> <td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Michael Anderson~jr.<td> 1957-1971<td> Anderson<td> Michael<td> M<td> 1943<td> 199x<td> R:juvenile lead<td> <td> <td> Ch(Michael Anderson)<td>|

<tr<td> Richard Anderson<td> 1951-1978<td> Anderson<td> Richard<td> M<td> 1926<td> 199x<td> R:thoughtful-looking<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Rona Anderson<td> 1948-1969<td> Anderson<td> Rona<td> F<td> 1926<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Br; Scots<td> <td> <td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Warner Anderson<td> 1943-1968<td> Anderson<td> Warner<td> M<td> 1911<td> 1976<td> R:solid presence, no outstanding personality<td> \Am<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Bibi Andersson<td> 1955-1983<td> Andersson<td> Bibi<td> F<td> 1935<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Sw<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Harriet Andersson<td> 1952-1972<td> Andersson<td> Harriet<td> F<td> 1932<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Am<td> <td> Nt(member of Ingmar Bergman's co.)<td>|

<tr<td> Carole Andre<td> <td> <td> <td> F<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Gabe Andre<td> <td> <td> <td> <td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Fr\'ed\'ric Andrei<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Ursula Andress<td> 1954-1981<td> Ursula<td> Andress<td> F<td> 1936<td> 199x<td> R:sex bomb<td> \Zw<td> <td> Lw(Harry Hamlin)<td>|

<tr<td> Anthony Andrews<td> 1974-1981<td> Andrews<td> Anthony<td> M<td> 1948<td> 199x<td> R:lead<td> \Br<td> <td> <td>|

<tr<td> Brian Andrews<td> <td> <td> <td> M<td> [1]<td> 199x<td> RU:<td> \Un<td> <td>|

<tr<td> Dana Andrews<td> 1940-1979<td> Andrews<td> Carver Daniel<td> M<td> 1909<td> 1992<td> R:hard<td> \Am<td> [4.738]<td> Mt(Mary Todd) Si(Dave Forest)<td>|

<tr<td> Eamonn Andrews<td> <td> Andrews<td> \'Eamonn<td> M<td> <td> 1987<td> RU:<td> \Ct<td> Cit(0)<td>|