West Liberty-Salem Local Schools Continue a Tradition

of High Academic Rigor

WL-S has been rated Excellent again! Recently releasedresultsfrom the Ohio Department of Education indicate that the students of West Liberty-Salem Local Schools continue to make great strides as measured on the Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) and Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT). We celebrate the efforts of the staff, students and families as we collaboratively work towards high academic rigor.

Students in 3rd through 8th grade take the Ohio Achievement Assessments in reading and mathematics. Students in 5th and 8th grade also take a science assessment. Each grade level and subject area is measured as an indicator. Attainment of an indicator requires a minimum 75% passage rate by the students tested in that grade level and subject area. According to information released, 13 out of 14 indicators were met in these OAA areas. In fact, not only were 13 indicators met, but the minimum passage criterion was easily surpassed in these areas.

High school students participate in Ohio Graduation Testing. Testing includes the areas of reading, mathematics, writing, science, and social studies. All OGT indicators were met with students again easily surpassing the state’s minimum criteria.

It is encouraging for the district to see the efforts of all stakeholders positively impacting our students. The spring OAA and OGT tests certainly are not the only avenue in which we can see this reflected; however, it is a key measurement tool, which we take seriously.

In addition to the number of indicators met by the district, the Ohio Department of Education measures three additional components. These include a performance index score; value added determinations, and adequate yearly progress.

The district achieved a high performance index score of 104.9 - this is the highest performance index score in the school’s history. This score reflects the achievement of every student enrolled for a full academic year in relation to his or her performance level in each of five performance level categories. Greater weight is given to students achieving in the accelerated and advanced categories. The performance index score received indicates that more students are reaching higher achievement levels than ever before.

The district met value added expectations for 2011-2012. This represents the progress the district has made with our students since the previous school year.

Lastly, Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is a federally mandated requirement applied to student groups in the areas of reading proficiency, mathematics proficiency, reading participation, mathematics participation, graduation rate, and attendance rate. Every area measured must be met in order to receive an overall “met” label for AYP. We are pleased to announce that we have met the AYP criteriaas a district.

We are proud of the academic rigor and efforts demonstrated on a continuous basis by our staff and students. We hope that you share our excitement regarding the district’s achievements and look forward to our future successes as we strive to make “West Liberty-Salem Schools an educational partnership dedicated to helping students reach their full potential.”