C & I Doctoral Student Program of Study



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Graduate Core (18 hours): Graduate courses counting toward Ed.D.


Foundations (9 hours)

EDF 672 Comparative Education OREDF 673 International Education OR


EDF 677 Educational Sociology AND EDF 703 Sociological Foundations OR


EDF 670 Philosophy of Education ANDEDF 711 Philosophical Foundations. OR

C&I Core (18 hours)

ECI 675 Principles of Curriculum Construction

ECI 710 Contexts of Schooling

ECI 730 Paradigms for Research in Curriculum and Instruction

TakenRequiredRecommendedECI 740 Praxis Seminar

TakenRequiredRecommendedEPS 720 Seminar in Learning

ECI 761 Advanced Seminar in Curriculum Problems

Research Foundations (24 hours)

EPS 525 Introduction to Statistics

EDR 610 Introduction to Research

TakenRequiredRecommendedECI 685 Graduate Research

TakenRequiredRecommendedEPS 625 Intermediate Statistics

ECI 798 Dissertation Seminar

ECI 799 Dissertation (minimum 9 hours)

Focus C: Research (21 hours)

With the exception of listed required and elective courses, only six additional hours may be counted that were taken prior to program admission. Student may petition the program coordinator for other exceptions.

What I want to be known for as a result of the C&I Doctoral Degree:


Note: To include theory, research methodology, and foundations

C. Research in C&I (Required)(3 Hours)

EPS 664 Tests and Measurements

Two from Group #1 And/Or Two from Group #2 (6 Hours)

Group # 1

EPS 624 Computer Statistics

EPS 725 Multivariate Statistics

Group # 2

EDR 726 Qualitative Data Analysis

Plus one of the three below (3 Hours)

EDR 612 Ethnographic Research in Education

EDR 725 Qualitative Research in Education

EDR 730 Evaluation Research

Select from other courses including but not limited to (15 Hours)

ANT 568 Quantitative Research Methods

ANT 569 Ethnographic Research Methods

ANT 612 Ethics in Anthropological Research

ECI 796 Internship

SOC 653 Applied Research Methods

SOC 654 Qualitative Methods and Analysis

_____SOC 655 Quantitative Analysis



Doctoral Student

Faculty Advisor (if determined)

Coordinator, C & I Doctoral Program

Chair, T&L or ESP

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