Old Somerby Speed Data March 2017.

Report generated 1st April 2017.

Period covered 2nd to 27th March 2017.

Location - B1176 Grantham Road, Old Somerby. Maximum speed limit 30mph.

Data gathered at two locations covering vehicles travelling from the direction of Grantham and Boothby Pagnell, vehicle speeds checked and recorded as they enter the village from either direction approx 100m inside the 30mph speed limit signs, sign located at agreed and authorised locations.

Total traffic count - 31,328 vehicles.

Average speed 29.7 mph.

85th percentile speed 36 mph.

Total vehicles travelling in excess of 35mph - 1,541 (Feb figure 1,334).

Average speed of those offenders - 38.1 mph (Feb figure 38.2).

Maximum speed recorded this month - 85 mph.

65 mph- twice.

60 mph - six times.

55 mph - thirty six times.

Despite the irresponsible actions of over 1500 people this month (200 more than last), no one has been killed or seriously injured.

As we advised last month, the local Road Safety Partnership (RSP) conducted their own speed data collection exercise in both School Lane and Grantham Road.

The data revealed that along Grantham Road, just under 45% of drivers were exceeding the speed limit, and in School Lane, just under 25% of those travelling along the road were travelling at a speed greater than 30mph.

As a result of this data collection the RSP have undertaken to conduct regular enforcement in the static camera vehicle in Grantham Road, between April and September. At the end of this period the situation will be reviewed.

The RSP have indicated that they will be placing additional signage in the village, and will take the opportunity to link the speed enforcement with its "shiny side up" campaign targeted at motorcyclists who pass through the village regularly using the B1176.

Whilst any enforcement is welcome, it should be noted that the figures for those exceeding the speed limit drops by as much as 50% over the weekend, which suggests that motorcyclists are not the problem - the figures and times suggest that it is those of you who are on the school run, or travelling to and from work, that are the problem - so please, slow down, because, between now and September, hopefully there is a very real chance, that if you don't, you'll be caught.

Don't say we didn't warn you!