What’s in our Genealogy Section at The Kindale Public Library

This is a list of things available in our Genealogy Section located at the Kindale Library in Stephenville, NL. You cannot take any of this out of our library but you are quite welcome to come in & use them. We have a microfilm reader for use to the General Public. You may book it in advance for 1 hour at a time. Just ask the librarian on duty for the Reel you want & she/he will get you to sign for it. You may also onlyuse one microfilm or CD at a time. We have CD's which you can use on our Genealogy Computer if you are a member. Members only pay a small fee of $10.00 a year. If you have any questions please e-mail me at


The Western Star

·  Reel 1-April 1907-December 1914

·  Reel 2- January 1915-December 1917

·  Reel 3-January 1918-December 1921

·  Reel 4-January 1922-December 1924

·  Reel 5-January 1925-March 1926

·  Reel 6-April 1930-December 1932

·  Reel 7-January 1933- December 1935

·  Reel 8-January 1936-March 1938

·  Reel 9-April 1940-March 1941

·  Reel 10 -April 1942-December 1943

·  Reel 11 -January 1944-December 1944

·  Reel 12 -January 1945-December 1945

·  Reel 13 January -December 1946

·  Reel 14 January - December 1947

·  Reel 15 January -December 1948

·  Reel 16 January - June 1949

·  Reel 17 July - December 1949

·  Reel 18 January - June 1950

·  1945 Census for St. George's, Newfoundland

Reporter (Stephenville ,Newfoundland Newspaper)

·  Reel 1:June -December 1979

·  Reel 2:January-June 1980

·  Reel 3:July-December 1980

·  Reel 4:January-June 1981

·  Reel 5:July-December 1981

·  Reel 6:January-June 1982

·  Reel 7: July 1982-January 1983

Decks Awash

·  Reel 1:1986-1989

·  Reel 2:St.John's ,NL 1990

·  Reel 3:St.John's ,NL 1991

Stephenville News April 1957-June 1958

Paper-The Courier

·  Reel 1:1875-1876

·  Reel 2:1877-1878

CD Information on Microfilm

·  Ships And Seafarers Of Atlantic Canada

·  Dictionnaire Genealogique Des Familles Des Iles-De-La-Madeleine 1760-1940 by Dennis Boudreau

·  Bay St.George Baptism, Marriage & Death Certificates

·  Births, Deaths & Marriages 1810-1890 Nfld. Newspapers by Gertrude Crosbie

·  Newspaper Clippings -Bay St. George

·  District of St. George's -Nfld. Vital Stats -Birth Records 1891-1896

·  Sandy Point & Stephenville Headstone Pics donated by Peggy (Gale) Bennett

Subscription Magazines

These magazines are located in the Library’s Magazine Section. Please ask Librarian for help in locating them. Current issues cannot be taken out.

·  Newfoundland Ancestor

·  Generations-Journal of the NBGS

·  Nova Scotia Genealogist

List Of Books in our Genealogy Section

·  Reading Old Handwriting by Eve McLaughlin

·  1911 & 1912 Nfld. Census (District Of St. George's)

·  Descendants of Henri LeJeune (Young)

·  Descendants of Benjamin Perrier

·  Nfld. Vital Statistics District of St. George's Birth Records 1891-1896

·  Nfld. Vital Statistics District of St .George's Marriages 1892-1922

·  Nfld. Vital Statistics District of St. George's Deaths 1927-1932

·  Nfld. Vital Statistics District of St George's Death Records from 1891

·  Souvenirs De Binic 1900-1960

·  Catalogue of Census Returns 1901

·  Guide to Genealogical Material in Nfld. Collection

·  Tracing Your Ancestors in Canada

·  Dictionnaire Genealogiqie Des Famillies Acadiennes-Stephen A. White A-G & H-Z; also English Supplement for these books (PLEASE NOTE: The library has moved this set of books from our Genealogy Section to their section. Please ask the librarian to help you find it.)

·  Residential Heritage Conservation in St. John's

·  Barachois Brook Remembered by Allan T. Stride

·  History of Port Au Port

·  Old Shop-Past & Present

·  History of St. George's Diocese

·  List of Inhabitants 1838 Western Shores of Nfld.

·  Grand Banks-St. Ann's Parish ,C.V. Baptisms

·  Journal of Rev. Martin Blackmore

·  Reference Sources of Canadian Genealogy

·  The Georgian Profile Edition '86

·  Women in Nfld. & Lab. -A Statistical Compendium

·  List of people who declared themselves Indian on the 1945 Flat Bay Census

·  The French in Nfld.-Selected Materials in the Nfld. & Lab. Collection ,St. John's Libraries

·  Historical Research of Port Au Port ,Point Au Mal & Fox Island River

·  The French in Nfld. by Harold Horwood

·  A Collection of Material on the French on the West Coast of Nfld. compiled by Mr. Peter Heffernan

·  Ernest Harmon Air Force Base 20th Anniversary & Armed Forces Day Supplement

·  Propagander-Yanks in Nfld.

·  Scrapbook of Nfld. Articles

·  Scrapbook of Georgian: Articles 1999,Telegram Articles 2003,Western Star Articles 2003

·  Selection of Books -Acadiensis

·  Oulette Volume 1 & Volume 1B

·  Obits for Sydney Post 1933-1938

·  Nova Scotia Marriages 1752 -1841 (Excluding Halifax City)Volumn 1 (A-D) Volumn 2 (E-K) Volumn 3 (L-P)Volumn 4 (Q- Z)

·  Family names of the Island of N.L. (E.R.Seary) donated by Lynn Reagan

·  A new Genealogical Atlas of Irleand 2nd edition (Brian Mitchell) donated by Lynn Reagan

·  Discovering Irish Ancestors (Dwight A. Radford & Kyle J. Betit) donated by Lynn Reagan

·  Aboriginal People-Past & Present

·  Maritime History Archive- Deer Island, Southwest Coast

·  Westviking Yearbooks: 1989-1990, 1992-1993, 1993-1994, 1996-1997

·  Bay St. George Community College Yearbooks 1980-1981, 1981-1982, 1982-1983

·  Western Community College Yearbooks 1986-1987, 1989-1990, 1991-1992

·  Census Returns 1901

·  Souvenirs de Binic 1900-1960

·  Searching for your Ancestors by Gilbert H. Doane

·  Debrett’s Family Historian by Noel Currer-Briggs & Royston Gamber

·  In Search of Your European Roots by Angus Baxter

·  Genealogy Online by Elizabeth Powell Crowe

·  Discovering Your English Ancestors by Paul Melner & Linda Jonas

·  Unpuzzling Your Past 3rd Edition by Emily Anne Croom

·  PEI Books :

·  Vol. I - ARSENAULT, 758 pages
Vol. III - C-F 626 pages
Vol. IV - GALLANT (tome 1 : Abraham to Jonas)
(tome 2 : Joseph to Xavier) totaling 1032 pages


·  Binder #1- (1) Genealogy Beginner's Guide (2) Newfoundland History (3)Millennium Issue[Global Genealogy] (4)Guide to Genealogical Material in Nfld. (5) How to research in Canada (6) Encyclopedia of Newfound & Labrador Index

·  Binder #2- (1) Burgeo(a)Confirmations Lower Burgeo 1845 (b) Confirmations Upper Burgeo 1845 (c) Baptisms 1842-1892 (excluding 1880-1885) (d)Marriages 1842-1891 (2) Channel (a)Methodist Marriages 1862-1891 (b)Anglican Burial Records 1882-1923 (3)South West Coast (a)Petries-Methodist Baptisms 1857-1881 (4)Belloram Church of England Baptisms 1846-1866 (5) Rose Blanche (a) Petries Methodists July 1864-Dec 1864 & May 1881-June 1899

·  Binder #3 - Early Acadian Names

·  Binder #4 - (1)List of Inhabitants 1838 Western Shores of Newfoundland(Note: this file is missing) (2) Census of Nfld. & Lab.1857 (3) Census of Nfld. & Lab.1891 (4)Census of Nfld. & Lab.1869 (5)Census of Nfld. & Lab.1874 (6)Census of Nfld.& Lab.1884 (7)Census of Nfld. & Lab.1891(8)Census of Nfld. & Lab.1901 (9) Census of Nfld. & Lab. 1911

·  Binder #5 - (1)West Coast 1911 Census Port Au Port District: Abraham's Cove, Barr, Black Duck Brook, Belmont Cove, Black Head, Boswalis, Cape St. George, Sheaves Cove, Clambank Cove, Campbell's Creek, First Cove ,Fox Island River, Green Head, Jerry's Nose, Lower Cove, Main Land, Marche's Point, Point Au Mal, Port Au Port, Red Brook, Red Cove, Red Island, Romain's Brook, Salmon Cove, Three Rock Cove, West Bay (2) West Coast 1911 Census Bay St. George District: Bank Head, Barachois Brook, Black Duck, Cartyville, Codroy Pond, Crabbe's Station ,East Red River, Fishels, Flat Bay, Harry's Brook, Harry's Siding, Highlands, Jeffrey's Crossing, Journeaus Brook, Muddy Hole, Rattling Brook, Red Brook, Robinson's Head, Robinson's Station, Sandy Point, Seal Cove, Spruce Brook, St. George's Part 1,St.George's Part 11,Stephenville Crossing, Stephenville Part 1,Stephenville Part 11

·  Binder #6 - Stephenville Roman Catholic Records (1) Death Records (2)Marriages 1872-1906 (3)Baptisms 1855-1899 (4)Births 1874-1899 (5) Baptisms 1874-1899

·  Binder #7 - Records of St. Pierre & Miquelon copied from Genealogie de Saint Pierre et Miquelon

·  Binder #8 - The Descendants of Captain Firmin Cormier & Marie Judith Doucet donated by Laverne (Perrier)

·  Binder #9 – Articles from L’Evangeline Newspapers on Acadian Families donated by Laverne (Perrier) Cormier; Books of Families:(1) Brake (2) Aucoin (3)Benoit (4)Boniface Benoit (5)Edward Brake (6) Ancestors of Marie Joseph Boucher (7) Downey (8) LeBlanc Family Tree {a}Ancestors of Hilare LeBlanc {b} Descendants of Hilare LeBlanc (9) Pierre LeJeune's Children (10) Descendants of John MacIsaac (11) Descendants of Jessie McNeil (12) Ross Brothers(Lejeune)(Note: This file ismissing){a} Cormiers (13) Early Settlers of Codroy (14) Descendants of Henry L'Offical (15) MacIsaac (16) Descendants of John MacNeil (17) List of Settlers who emigrated from Cheticamp

·  Binder #10 - Census Port Au Port District:(1)1935 Census-Abraham's Cove, Aguathuna, Bellman's Cove, Black Duck Brook Boswarlos, Campbell's Creek, Cape St. George, De Grau, West Bay, Felix Cove, Fox Island River, Goose Cove, Winter House, Mainland, Marche's Point, Piccadilly Port Au Port, Point Au Mal, Red Brook, Romain's Brook, Salmon Rock Cove, Sheaves Cove, Ship Cove, Tea Cove, Three Rock Cove, Tom Touche's Cove, West Bay Centre (2) 1936 Census-Abraham's Cove, Aguathuna, Black Duck Brook, Campbell's Creek, Cape St. George, De Grau, Felix Cove, Berry Brook, Boswarlos (3) 1945 Census- Abraham's Cove, Aguathuna, Bellman's Cove, Black Duck Brook, Campbell's Creek, Cape St. George, De Grau, Felix Cove, Fox Island, Goose Pond Road, Gravels, Long Beach ,Long Point, Loretto, Marche's Point, Point Au Mal, Port Au Port, Red Brook, Romain's, Salmon Cove, Sheaves Cove, Ship Cove, Tea Cove, Three Rock Cove, Tom Touch Cove, Winter House

·  Binder #11 - (1) Lowell's Directory 1871{West Coast} (2) McAlpine 1894-1895 (3)Stephenville 1912 Census Part I,II,III (4)Bay St. George 1912Census (5) Stephenville 1945 Census (6)Harmon 1945 Census (7)McAlpine 1894-1895 {Kippens}(8) Kippens 1935 (9) Kippens 1945 (10) Barachois Brook 1945 (11)People who declared themselves as Native in 1945 Census (12)St.David's 1945 Census (13) St.George's 1945 Census Part I,II,III (14) 1945 Census for St.Theresa's (15)1945 Census for Shallop Cove(16) Spruce Brook 1945 Census (17) 1945 Census forSettlement of White's Road(18) Stephenville Crossing 1945 Census Part I,II,III

·  Binder #12 - (1) St. James Anglican Cemetery{a}Boswarlos Cemetery{b}Campbell's Creek{c}Lourdes{d}Mainland {e}Three Rock Cove{f}Port Au Port (g)DeGrau (2)St. Stephen's RC Cemetery, Stephenville (3)Hillside Interfaith Cemetery Stephenville (4)St. Theresa's RC Cemetery[Partial List] (5)St. Joseph's RC Cemetery[Bay St. George] (6)St. George's Anglican Cemetery (7) Shallop Cove United Cemetery (8) Shallop Cove RC Cemetery (9 ) Shallop Cove Non-Denominational Cemetery (10)Sandy Point Anglican Cemetery (11)Sandy Point Old Anglican Cemetery (12) Mattis Point Cemetery (13)Flat Bay St. Anne's RC Cemetery (14) Sandy Point Anglican Death Records (15) Sandy Point Assumption Parish Interment 1970-1999 (16) Sandy Point Assumption Parish Interments 1937-1969 (17) Sandy Point Assumption Parish Interments 1849-1882

·  Binder #13 - Highlands RC Cemetery ; Mattis Point Cemetery ; St. George's Anglican Cemetery ;Stephenville Crossing Old Anglican & Catholic Cemeteries ;Stephenville Crossing All Saints Anglican Cemetery ;Stephenville Hillside Interfaith Cemetery(Catholic, Anglican ;Pentecostal, Salvation Army & United) ; Shallop Cove RC Cemetery ; Shallop Cove United Cemetery ;Shallop Cove Denomination Cemetery ;Sandy Point Anglican & Old Anglican Cemetery ;Sandy Point RC Cemetery ;St. Theresa's RC (Partial List) ;St. George's Roman (nun's) Catholic Cemetery ;St. George's ,St. Joseph's RC Cemetery ;St. David's ,St. Michael's & All Angels Anglican Cemetery ;Robinson's Anglican Church Cemetery ;Jeffery's ,St. Mary Magdelan Anglican Church Cemetery ;McKays , St. George's Anglican Cemetery; McKays Church Of England; Flat Bay, St.Anne's RC Cemetery; Heatherton St. Joseph's Cemetery (Old) ;Heatherton ,St. Joseph's Cemetery(New); Heatherton ,United Church Cemetery; St.George's Death Records

·  Binder #14 - Harmon Field Newspaper Clippings, Pictures, etc.

·  Binder #15 - (1) Mic-Mac Institute's Vital Statistics (2) Reminiscences of my life (3) Historical Research of Port Au Port & Fox Island-A summer work project 1984 (4) Two Beginings {a} Brief History of Acadian History

·  Binder #16 - (1) Church Records-Roman Catholic Church 1900-2000 {a} Maria Regina Church {b}Our Lady Of Mercy {c}Port Au Port {d} St. George's Diocese (2) Headstone Inscriptions (3) West Coast Region-Roman Catholic Cemetery ; West Bay Lourdes-Roman Catholic Cemetery (4) Winterhouse-Black Duck Cemetery

·  Binder #17 - (1) Sandy Point History & Death Records (2) Newfoundland Names A.M.A. (3) A Critically Annotated Bibliography of Works Published and Unpublished Relating to The Culture of French Newfoundlanders (4) Family Group Records (i)Gibbons (ii)Hayward (iii)Hickey (iv) Lundrigan (v)McGrath (vi)Martin (vii)Meehan (viii)Molloy (ix) Morrisey (x) Morrigan (xi) Morgan (xii) St. Croix (xiii) Mooney

·  Binder #18 - Georgian January 5,1999 to December 11,2000

·  Binder #19 - (1) Georgian Obituaries 1976-2000 (2)Western Star Obituaries 1900-2002

·  Binder #20 - (1) Story of Sandy Point (2) St. Stephen's Anglican Church Records(Sandy Point)(a)Anglican Marriages 1850-1924 (b)Anglican Baptisms 1850-1899 (c) Anglican Deaths (3) Immaculate Roman Catholic (a)Roman Catholic Marriages 1850-1920 (b) Roman Catholic Baptisms 1850-1899 (c) Roman Catholic Deaths 1850-1880 (4) St. Stephen's Cemetery-Sandy Point (a) St. Stephen's Anglican Cemetery (b)St. Stephen's Anglican Cemetery(Old) (5)Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Cemetery(Sandy Point) (6)Early Directories of Sandy Point (7)1921 Census-Sandy Point (8) 1935 Census -Sandy Point (9)1945 Census-Sandy Point

·  Binder #21 - (1) Daniel LeBlanc Family Tree (2)Descendants of Alex White (3)LeBlanc Family History-Allan Stride (4) Madore History-Allan Stride (5) Duffney ,Duffenais History-Allan Stride (6) King/Webb History-Allan T. Stride (7) Blanchard Family of Bay St. George by Allan T. Stride

·  Binder #22 - (1) Descendants of John/James Allez (2)Descendants of Edward Cutler (3) Descendants of Samuel Swyer (4)The Gale Family of Codroy Valley, Newfoundland-Kirk R.Butt (5)The Butt Family of Bay St.George South-Kirk R.Butt (6) The Descendants of Tom & Mary Legge-Kirk R.Butt

·  Binder #23 - Georgian Newspaper Clippings,Stephenville & Surrounding areas 2001

·  Binder #24 - (1) Pictures of Stephenville & Surrounding areas (2) Newspaper Clippings from the Western Star 1997-1998

·  Binder #25 - (1) History of Newfoundland Light & Power (2)Georgian November 7,1995:Stephenville International Airport (3) Stephenville History (4)Stephenville & Bay St. George Area

·  Binder #26 - Benoit Family Information of Bay St. George donated by Gerald F. Benoit