Boxed text: Ever since Rukia came to this world, my normal life has been a wreck...
Rukia: This is serious, Ichigo!
Ichigo: Huh?
Rukia: You understand what this means, right? Why are you still so calm? All the blankets and futons are gone!
Ichigo: Today Yuzu's friend is coming to sleep overnight, so she took them all away. Because I didn't tell her anyone would be using them so...I guess it can't be helped, right?
Rukia: Then that means...tonight I don't have any blankets..
Ichigo: Seems like that way.
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Rukia: Really. So then there's no helping it.
Rukia: I'll be sleeping here tonight then! Since there's no helping it anyway!
Ichigo: Hey! Why are you getting on my bed!
Rukia: Then are you saying you want me to sleep on the floor?
Ichigo thinks: The guest is now my lord?!
Ichigo: Sheesh..
Rukia: Ichigo, where are you going?
Ichigo: We can't sleep on the same bed.
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Ichigo: *grumbling*
Rukia: It's okay.
Rukia: I don't mind.
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Ichigo thinks: I can't sleep.
Rukia: Just treat me as a puppet!
Ichigo: What the hell are you talking about.
Rukia: Idiot! Listen to me before saying anything!
Rukia: As you know, my body is a gigai. It's alive only because my soul is in it. Otherwise, it's just an empty shell. Which means...
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Rukia: If it's just an empty shell, then it's a lifeless puppet, and you won't have any problems with a lifeless puppet, right? So just treat me as one!
Rukia: Ah, I after talking to you I feel better. I won't need to feel afraid you will attack me in the middle of the night! It's good! So it's settled!
Ichigo thinks: Nothing has been settled!!!
Rukia: Anyways, Ichigo.
Rukia: I trust you are not the type of person to do such things to me.
Just like that -
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Ichigo: Is it so?
It's because she said like that -
Ichigo thinks: But how am I supposed to sleep!!
*Rukia falls over on his back*
Ichigo: UWAAAAAAA~~~!
Ichigo thinks: Calm down, Ichigo! If you lose yourself to this sinful act, what will happen!
*heart beating wildly*
Ichigo thinks: Do you want to shatter Rukia's trust..?
Rukia: Unn...
Ichigo thinks: You definitely can't commit an act like that!
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Ichigo: If I just this, it should be...alright, right?
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*Rukia wakes up*
Rukia: ... Ichigo?
Ichigo: AHH!! I didn't do anything!! Nothing at all!! I haven't done anything!!
Rukia: ...I see. In this world, we need to do something like this.
*Rukia thinks of manga characters*
Character 1: Ah! Before we sleep, let's give each other a goodnight kiss!
Character 2: Okay, ne-san!
Ichigo: I really didn't do anything!
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Rukia: Goodnight, Ichigo!
*falls back to sleep*
Ichigo: ~~~ treating you like a puppet is that going to happen.
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Ichigo: A puppet is not that soft and warm...
Boxed text: I succeeded in maintaining her trust in me in the end, thanks to her reminding me how much faith she has in me.
Rukia: What's wrong, Ichigo? You don't have enough sleep?
Ichigo: Seems like Kuchiki-san had a good night's rest.
Rukia: Um! It's true, I slept well last night!
Rukia: Ah! There's Kojima and Asano!
Rukia: Let's say hi to them!
Ichigo thinks: Seems like she wants to play actress again!!
Ichigo: Don't go there!
Rukia: Why? It's such a rare opportunity to put to use my learned skill in greeting our classmates!
Ichigo: Don't be noisy. The main thing is -
Keigo: Ah! The pretty Kuchiki-san!
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Ichigo: The main thing is you can't go there and it means you can't.
Rukia: Ichigo!
Rukia: Then, let me use your way of greeting them!
*Rukia puts on Ichigo's scowl*
Ichigo: ..
Boxed text: It's still the same answer.
Ichigo: NO, you can't.
Rukia: I knew you'll say that.
Boxed text: Harder days ahead...
*voices in background*: Kuchiki-san, good morning! Kuchiki-san, why are you with Ichigo? Don't be such a busy body!
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This is what happened in the morning when we woke up. A good morning kiss.