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10.1 Ancient Greece and Rome and the development of democracy and Christianity: Chp 5+6

  1. What were the similarities and differences of Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman views?
  1. What kind of democracy do the Greeks and Romans have?
  1. What was thefocus of Greek and Roman law?
  1. What caused the fall of Rome?
  1. How did the philosophies of Plato, and Aristotle play a role in the development of the Western ideas?
  1. How was the US Constitution influenced by the Greeks and the Romans?

10.2 The American Revolution and the French Revolution and their effects world-wide: Chp 18+19

  1. What were the major ideas of philosophers of the democratic Revolutions?
  1. What is the Enlightenment?
  1. Who is:

- John Locke:

- Montesquieu:

- Simon Bolivar:

- Thomas Jefferson:

- James Madison:

  1. What are the principles of the 5 major documents Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Right of Man?
  1. What is the Magna Carta?(Chapter 9 p. 212)
  2. What is one fact about the Middle Ages?
  1. Whatwere the Crusades?
  1. Explain what the English Bill of Rights is?
  1. What is the Declaration of Independence?
  1. What is the French Declaration of Rights of Man?
  1. What is the Bill of Rights?
  1. Who is Napoleon?
  1. Compare Napoleon and Alexander the Great.
  1. What happened in the American Revolution?
  1. What happened in the French Revolution?

10.3 Effects of the Industrial Revolution in England, France, Germany, Japan, and the US: Chp 22

  1. Explain the Industrial Revolution (where and why)?
  1. How were Japan and England involved in the Industrial Revolution?
  1. Whatwere3 newtechnologies of the Industrial Revolution?
  1. WhatdidLouis Pasteur do?
  1. How did the growth of population and immigration affect the Industrial Revolution?
  1. What is immigration?
  1. How did slavery end?
  1. How did children play a role in the Industrial Revolution?
  1. What is Capitalism?
  1. What is The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx?
  1. What is Socialism’s appeal?
  1. What is Social Democracy?
  2. What is Communism?
  1. What is Romanticism?
  2. Who is William Blake?
  3. Who is William Wordsworth?

10.4Imperialism in Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Indian Latin America and the Philippines: Chp 25

  1. Describe the rise of industrial economies and their link to imperialism/colonialism?
  1. What is Social Darwinism?
  1. What were the locations of colonial rule?
  1. How would you explain imperialism from the perspective of the colonizers/colonized?
  1. Describe the Anglo Boer War?
  1. Describe the independence struggles of these colonized regions of the world in the 1800’s:



10.5 Analyze the causes and course of World War I Chapter 27

  1. Summarize the history of World War I?
  1. How did propaganda influence the war?
  1. What is total war?
  1. Who fought and won the battle of Verdun?
  1. Why was the battle of the Marne so important?
  1. What happened at Gallipoli?
  1. Describe in one sentence the Western Front?
  1. How were tanks instrumental in World War I?
  2. How did the Russian Revolution affect the outcome of the war?
  1. What were the costs of the war?

10.6What were the aims and influence of the Treaty of Versailles and Woodrow Wilson: Chp 27

  1. What did the Treaty of Versailles dictate to Germany?
  1. Why was Woodrow Wilson important following the war?
  1. What did he bring with him?
  1. Who was Ernest Hemingway and what did he write about?
  1. Who was Pablo Picasso and would did he paint about?

10.7 Understand the Rise of Totalitarian governments: Chapter 30
1. How did Joseph Stalin come to power?

2. How did Adolf Hitler come to power?
10.8 The German, Italian, and Japanese drives for empire in the 1930s.: Chapter 30

1. What was the Hitler and Stalin non-aggression pact?
2. Describe the following leaders considering their governments and actions(1 sentence):
-Adolf Hitler
-Benito Mussolini
-Dwight Eisenhower
-Emperor Hirohito
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt
-Winston Churchill
-General Macarthur
3. What was the Holocaust?
10.9 What were the military power shifts caused by war.(WWII) Chapter 31

1. What was the Yalta Conference?

10.10 What was the importance of the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan. Chapter 33 and 34
1. What was the Marshall Plan?

2. What was the Truman Doctrine?