St. Croix Valley Riders General Meeting Minutes-June 14th, 2015

Call Meeting to Order-Sargent at Arms: Dwight Smith @ 12:10

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

President: Mark Koon, Vice President: Randy Holland, Secretary: Julie Rice Treasurer: Beth Franz, MN Legislative Director: Shane Murphy- , WI Legislative Director: Dan Hren, Directors at Large: Norm Pollard, Mike Hammett

President’s Introduction: Mark Koon:

Welcome to the Gas Lite. There are $5 grilled chicken and burgers are for sale by the bar. I have two tickets for the Summer Hummer if you are interested see me. There have been way too many motorcycle deaths. The last one of our members was Roy. Please think about taking a Rider’s Education class. You will learn something new. There are 19 deaths, and most are from driving off a curve. Chuck’s Ride for Wishes was a great event. We had a lot of new members and renewals, plus our merchandise did very well. Yesterday was the Amber Alert Run, it rained, but about 26 bikes went out. Round Barn Rally- we need volunteers, sign- up sheet up front. Please take flyers for RBR and put them out all around.The next meeting will be at the Gas Lite on July 12th 12:00 at the Gas Lite

*An introduction of the candidates:

Vice President Randy Holland, running unopposed, Treasurer Beth Franz, running unopposed, WI Legislative Director, running unopposed, Audit Committee- Tara Marlow- nothing to say, Angie Meuwissen, surprisingly nothing to say, Jill Lange….. Directors at Large: Mike Classen, “I’m easily approachable!” Chuck Riesselman- I don’t know…Terry Chinander; “No, I’m good”, Susie Maher- “I am happy to carry the messages of the members to the Board, Trent Hochsprung- not present.

A motion to suspend the meeting was made so people could vote for new BOD members. It was seconded, voted and approved.

Meeting resumed after voting.

Secretary’s Report: Julie Rice

Motion was made to waive reading of the minutes and approve as written. There was a second to the motion, it was voted on and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Beth Franz

The financials are on the table. Our income budget is a bit under, due mainly, because we haven’t received our Miller sponsorship money. A big help has been the amount of membership dues coming in. On the Expenses side, we are a bit under budget, due to RBR and CF advertising. STEAM and Rider’s Ed are under budget. We are getting invoices for merchandise are coming in and we need to get them paid. Available Funds May 1-$74,559 and June 1-$67,742.

Merchandise Report: Michelle Moreno/ Wendy Holland

Lots of new merchandise and clearance shirts for $5 or $10 dollars from previous RBR and CF events.

Membership: Judy Gebhardt:

We are at 968 members, up 21 from last year at this time. We have 8 Lifetime Members. Norm has 15 new members and the Hammetts are in 2nd. A Lifetime Membership costs $400 for singles and $600 for couples. It is then, prorated for how many years you have been a member.

Rider’s Education: Ron Lischeid:

Road Guard class sign-up, we only have 6 we need 12 to have our own class. They are being run the first Saturday of each month. All these classes you take if you are a paid 3 year member, you will be reimbursed. Photo copies of receipts and license will be accepted. You don’t need to have a bike for the class, just have your license checked before you take the class. If you live in WI, their prices are much higher than MN, so you should try to take classes in MN, since there is a limit on price reimbursement. From the motorcycle deaths, 15 of the 19 were during daylight hours, dry pavement. Results were mainly not being able to get through a left curve or turn. One was related to alcohol, but final autopsy reports could change that. Five of the deaths were women passengers. Three fourths were not wearing helmets. Take a class and ride safe, ride smart.

Road Captain: Randy Holland:

Put posters out there so we have people show up. I am almost finished with the route, just waiting for some bar sponsors. Brian Naughton (sp?) will be playing for the RBR. It will be catered, so more of our members can do the ride! We will have 2 trailers on hand in case of breakdowns.

MN Legislative Report: Shane Murphy:

Our headlamp billed passed, so we can have up to four. Thanks to Todd Riba, who was working on bill for reckless driving and injuring or killing a motorcyclist. It passed. Done with Special Session.

WI Legislative Report: Dan Hren:

May was Motorcycle Awareness Month for WI. A bill was passed for lights under your bike, it was more of a vanity thing than anything. That was HR 77. There was a lobbying bill that passed so one person can’t come in from DOT or CDC to lobby. There has been talk about the Hooters restaurants denying service to people wearing biker colors. State statute 604-12 is a law that can’t discriminate against bikers. There was an article my girlfriend found that will nominate a person if they were in a motorcycle accident and they were wearing a helmet, they will get a Saved by a Helmet award.

Public Relations: Jeannine Maurer:

See FB for all meeting dates and other event info. I have a volunteer list for the RBR and Chili Feed.

Adopt-A-Highway: Julie Rice:

Thanks to all who helped last month. I would really like new helpers to volunteer. It is the same people all the time and mainly BOD members. Even if the weather is nice, just use the ride there and get some exercise, as your ride time. We have pizza and beverages after. You will have about a half mile of work. Please help in October.

Web Master- Shane Murphy:

Nothing new to report.

Newsletter: Penny Nielsen:

Need articles by June 15th. Advertising with a business card size is $35. I will send proofs to check over before final print. Please send your info in.

Sunshine Fund: Marissa Petersen:

No report

MRF: Beth Franz:

We went to Bikers on The Beltway in May with the Ribas. We got to speaker to many senior staffers, where we dropped off some information. I have copies of the reports up front. I will soon, get this information on our website and FB page. Todd Riba spoke about the trip and how Franken is the person who we need to get information to and change his thinking. A better relationship is forming with Klobuchar, but she still needs to hear from you. In October, I will be up for election, for MRF Rep.

The end of September is the Meeting of the Minds in Milwaukee. SCVR will take one member and pay for their entrance fee. If you are interested please see Mark.

Old Business:

Steve Landgraff thanked the SCVR for the help with Chuck’s Ride, his granddaughter was one of the Wish kids. “I appreciate all you do.

Dave Hammons- We broke all kinds of records for this event. There were 256 registered bikes and 300 on the ride. We had 2 riders go down, and if it wasn’t for the people who were first responders, it could have been worse. Thanks to Greg Styba for helping and knowing what to do. Take a first responders course.

Mark: On the tables are 2 logos to use for the Chili Feed, please choose one. Overwhelmingly yeses for the NONSKULL one. Our bands are set for CF; Friday night is Matrix, 80HD, Jasmine Cain. Saturday is Lisa Winger, Kat Perkins, Bad Girlfriends, Pork Chop, Monte Ray Freebird (Chain Lightning), and the headliner is Saliva.

New Business:

Nancy Hecker- Brad Smith from the Harbor Bar is having a Kick Cancer in the Ass run. Leaves from the Harbor Bar, 100 mile run, $10 next Saturday. We are looking for Road Captains.

Reo- Amber Alert was successful. Hawgs for Dogs is coming up. A motion was made to donate $250 to the Hawgs for Dogs Ride. It was seconded, voted on and approved. This is also, a budgeted item.

Kidney Donation Awareness Ride, June 27th.

Motion was made to donate $3000 to MRF for the Meeting of the Minds Conference. It was seconded voted on and approved. This is a budgeted item.

Thanks to Michael Hammett for your work as Director at Large.

New Members: Nancy H-Woodbury and Tom P

Member Donation: $150- Jill Lange won

Election Results:

Vice President: Randy Holland- 66 votes Mike Hammett had 29 write in, George Bush- 1, and Ted Nugent-1

Treasurer- Beth Franz – 94

WI Legislative Director- Dan Hren 96

Auditor-* Tara Marlow-50, Jill Lange- 36, Angie Meuwissen-9

Director at Large- * Susie Maher-37 Chuck Riesselman-33, Mike Classen-22, Terry Chinander- 3, Trent Hochsprung-0.

Congrats to the new winners!!!! (* indicates new winner)

Meeting Adjourned: 1:40 NextMonth’s Meeting is July 12th at the Gas Lite, after the RBR event.