Talking Health Evaluation

Questions for the public

1. Have you heard of Talking Health?

Yes I am registered on Talking Health

Yes but I am not registered


Not sure

2. What do you think it is? (please tick as many as appropriate)

An area on the PCT website

Software that can create surveys

A database of stakeholders in Oxfordshire

A way for the public to get involved with NHS Oxfordshire’s consultations

A way to manage relationships with stakeholders


Please state:

3. Where did you first hear about Talking Health?

At a public meeting

At a community event

Via the PCT website

Parish Council/ or other Newsletter

Talking Health leaflet


On Twitter/Facebook


Please state:

4. Do you recognise the Talking Health logo?



Not sure

If yes, where have you seen this?

5. Have you used Talking Healthto respond to any consultations?



6. How easy have you found Talking Health to use?

Very Easy / Easy / Neutral / Not that Easy / Not at all easy

If you have answered ‘not that easy’ or ‘not at all easy’ could you tell us more about this:

7. Have you used Talking Health to do any of the following:

Commented on sections in strategy documents

Answered mini polls

Answered surveys

Participated in Discussion Forums

Commented on leaflet/brochures designs

Responded to an advert to attend an event

Responded anonymously to a questionnaire

Responded to a request to volunteer at the PCT

Responded to a request to volunteer at another organisation

8. Do you receive the Talking Health newsletter?



Not sure

9. If you have seen the newsletter please indicate from 1-5 how informative it is to you. (1 being very interesting and 5 being not interesting at all)

10. Is there anything that you would change about Talking Health?

11. Please let us know your opinion on the Talking Health

Very useful / Useful / Neutral / Not that useful / Not at all useful

12. What do you think works well/what are the good things about Talking Health?

13. What could be improved on Talking Health?

14. If you have any other comments about Talking Health or the newsletter, please add them below

Thank you for your feedback.

Please return this survey by Monday 12th December 2011 to the freepost address below. No stamp is needed.

Communications and Engagement Team


2nd Floor Jubilee House

5510 John Smith Drive

Oxford Business Park South



Or Email:

Julia Stackhouse

Communications and Engagement Co-ordinator

For additional information please contact:

Julia Stackhouse on 01865 334638 at NHS Oxfordshire.