Rory Mullen

Rory Mullen is one of the fabulous parents and volunteers here at Endeavourand she has found many ways to improve the overall school experience for our children. She goes above and beyond in her volunteering and can always be counted on to help when the need arises. Rory has stepped up to run many programs benefitting our school and studentsand this year she is also serving on the PTSA Executive Board.

In her role as co-VP of Communications, Rory shares the responsibility of Webmaster. Her duties includemanaging all of the content on the PTSA website, handling all of the event communication emails, and putting out a new Jaguar Print every Friday. None of these are a small task. In addition, Rory has co-chaired Spooky Spaghetti for the past three years since the event’s inception. In this role, she helps plan and execute a spectacularly spooky meal, fun carnival games, and a costume parade for the students. Last year, Rory chaired the Birthday Book Club at Endeavour as well. As chair of this program,Rory helped families recognize and celebrate their child’s birthday as well as help fill our school library with great books for others to read and enjoy.

Rory finds time to help out at almost every event or program at Endeavour, whether it is baking and hospitality, volunteering at the book fair, or tallying Eager Reader minutes. She also offers her time and talents at Beaver Lake Middle School by contributing to staff appreciation meals and chaperoning choir events. Rory currently has three daughters attending Endeavour so on any given day you’ll find her helping her daughters’ teachers by volunteering in the classroom and helping with clerical needs. She also serves as a room parent.

Besides volunteering in numerous ways at school, Rory finds time to help others in the community. She hasbeen a co-leader of one of her daughter’sGirl Scout troops for the past four years. In addition to leading her daughter’s troop, Rory stepped up this year to be the Girl Scout Representative for Endeavour. In this role, she serves as liaison between the service unit and all of the troops at Endeavour. She is a resource for new and existing troop leaders and attends an extra meeting every month to be informed of service unit activities. In addition, Rory is a regular volunteer in her church nursery.

One parent at Endeavour is quoted as saying that “Rory has a very big heart and gives so much of herself to those around her. She can often be found delivering a home-cooked meal to someone in need, dropping off a care package to cheer someone’s day, driving a carload of kids to school on a rainy day, or even bussing tables at Hop Jacks for Endeavour Night.”

We feel so grateful to have Rory here at Endeavour and in our community contributing in so many different ways to benefit our school and our children. With four girls passing through Endeavour, Rory has already spent 7 years volunteering and luckily Endeavour will be blessed with her presence for many years to come!