Letter of Offer Addendum

Based on the School of Medicine Factors, productive faculty on the Research Educator Track are expected to have their major (at least 50%) effort in research while still providing teaching, service and, if appropriate, clinical care. Although newly appointed Assistant Professors on the Research Educator track may not have attained all of the following expectations, their accomplishments will reflect success in advancing to the requirements listed below. Associate Professors and Professors are expected to have:

  • A publication record that reflects a trajectory of increased quality and quantity of original observations in peer-reviewed forums.
  • Success in securing grant support from national and/or international sources.
  • Documented evidence of excellent performance in biomedical education.

In addition for Clinicians, this appointment is contingent upon your Professional license* being current and in good standing as your teaching assignments on the Research Educator track require, in part, teaching by example. You are required to immediately report any change(s) in the status of your active license (including suspension, revocation, lapse, expiration) to your WSU Department Chair and the Office of Faculty Affairs. Failure to promptly notify the Office of Faculty Affairs of an active license status change may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

* Unless practicing only at the VA Hospital, Clinicians are expected to have an active Michigan License

  • Where appropriate, maintenance of board certification in the primary specialty or subspecialty.
  • Clinicians are expected to be an active member of one of the WSU Affiliated Practice Groups.
  • Effective participation in administrative and committee responsibilities at the levels of department, SOM, university, physician practice plans, affiliate medical organizations (as appropriate), community, government and/or the profession.

In addition, Professors on the Research Educator track are expected to meet all of the above expectations and have research accomplishments that are rigorous and original or novel, and with fundamental significance or impact that result in an appropriate (e. g., national or international) recognition and eminence.



Jack D. Sobel, M.D.CHAIR

Distinguished Professor of MedicineDEPARTMENT

Dean, WSU School of Medicine






Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development _ Faculty Track ExpectationsAddendum 11-21-16