Third Announcement

Mar. 5, 2007

International workshop on Electron-Cloud Effects "ECLOUD07"

Daegu (Korea), April09-12, 2007

Hosted by CHEP, KNU (Korea)

Sponsored by KOSEF(Korea)

Supported by JSPS (Japan)

Third Announcement (March 5, 2007)

Abstract submission

Abstract submission is still accepted. Those who do not submit it yet, please submit the abstract as soon as possible because the workshop program is taking shape. Instruction of the submission can be found in the workshop web site


Proceedings will be published in KEK proceedings. The deadline of papers will be announced at the workshop. There will be no page limitation. Please use the JACOW templates. They can be found in the JACOW website ( Authors will be encouraged to submit their contributions to PRST-AB.

Program and schedules

We are now arranging the workshop program. A tentative schedule and agenda will soon be posted to the ECLOUD07 website.

Hotel reservation

There is no deadline on the reservation of the Inter-Burgo Hotel. This means, for example, even though anyone participating the ECLOUD07 arrives on starting date of the workshop at the hotel and wants to reserve the hotel at that time, the person will be considered as a special-priced guest. The special rate is available not only for April 9-12 but also for more than a few days around the workshop period, for example, April 7 - 14, 2007.

Travel information

1. For those who arriving at Incheon International Airport

1) Incheon International Airport - Daegu International Airport

Domestic route (Incheon - Daegu) is available at Incheon International Airport once a day and flying time is about 55 min. This route may be inconvenient.

2) Incheon International Airport - Gimpo Airport (Seoul) - Daegu International Airport

The Airport Limousine Bus for Gimpo Airport is easily accessible. Travel time is about 40 min.There are 2 flights daily from Gimpo Airport in Seoul to Daegu International Airport.

3) Incheon International Airport - Seoul Train Station - Dongdaegu Train Station

This route may be best. There are many regular and frequent Airport Limousine Buses from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Train Station. Travel time is 60 min. At Seoul Train Station, you can easily get to Daegu by Korea Bullet Train (KTX). KTX will start every 20 min. It takes about 1 hr 40 min from Seoul to Daegu. Train fare is 38,600 Korea Won.

4) Incheon International Airport - Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal

Direct express buses for Daegu are running from Incheon International Airport to Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal. It usually takes approximately 4 hr and 20 min and costs from 27,100 up to 29,800 Korea Won.

2. For those who arriving at Busan International Airport

1) Busan International Airport - Kupo Train station - Dongdaegu Train Station

KTX will start every 1 hr at Kupo Train station. It takes about 1 hr from Kupo to DongDaegu. Taxi fee is around 10,000 Korea Won from the airport to Kupo Train Station.

3. Shuttle bus and Taxi information

Shuttle bus service from the Daegu International Airport to the Inter-Burgo Hotel is available. Those who arrive at Dongdaegu station can use a taxi from the station to the Inter-Burgo hotel. Taxi fee would be about 5,000 Korea Won.

1)The shuttle bus in the case of arriving at Daegu International Airport by an airplane;

- One guy of the Hotel will hold on a welcome-board in front of the arriving gate of the Daegu International Airport. On the welcome board, there is written that "Welcome Ecloud Workshop".And, in front window of the bus, there is also written same thing that "Welcome Ecloud Workshop".

- The shuttle bus would be available one or two timesin April 8, 2007.Therefore, workshop participants who will arrive in the Daegu International Airport are recommended to inform us what time they are arriving. This will make a more time-convenient arrangement for the participants to take the shuttle bus.Domestic flight of Incheon (Seoul) International Airport - Daegu International Airport will arrive at Daegu International Airport on 20:15. And another domestic flight of Gimpo (Seoul) Airport - Daegu International Airport will arrive at Daegu International Airport on 15:20. Therefore participants who want to take the shuttle bus would be better to let us know how many people and when they will arrive. More information on the shuttle bus schedule will be available in the next announcement after getting the arriving information at Daegu International Airport of the participants.

- If somebody is missing the shuttle bus, the way to go to the Hotel is to take a taxi, and tell a taxi driver the destination "Inter-Burgo Hotel". The taxi fee would be around 5,000Korea Won.

2)In the case of arriving at Daegu or Dongdaegu station by a train ;

- The easy way to get the Hotel is to take a taxi, and tell the taxi driver the destination "Inter-Burgo Hotel". The taxi fee would be around 5,000Korea Won.

- Taking a bus(a bus fee is 1,100Korea Won)and getting-off around the Hotel is not so easy for a foreigner.

If you have questions, please mail to the workshop contact ().

Registration fee

The registration fee is 250,000 Korea Won. The registration fee covers a banquet, coffee and breads in the morning, coffee breaks and lunches during the 4 days of the workshop. Accompanied persons need to buy tickets for the banquet and lunches.Only Korea Won is accepted. Participants need to pay the registration fee in Korea Won at the registration desk of the workshop.

On behalf of the local organization committee,

Eun San Kim, Hyoung Suk Kim, Kazuhito Ohmi and Hitoshi Fukuma

Workshop Contact: