“If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.”

Emily Dickinson

definitions of poetry that are themselves poetic

I can’t define poetry, and I think that in and of itself is poetic. – Lily Gates

Poem - ghost vision -

Fugitive from the sublime.

Poet heed and sing! --Barbara Blumenfeld

Poetry is a full tank of gas on a Sunday afternoon. Just drive. – Dina Knouse

Poetry is capturing the moment of light to prove that it existed, before the darkness comes again. -- Josie Herrera

Poetry is the scent of mountain air and taste of the earth, the soft splash of the hot water being poured into the pot andgentle clack of the dark red clay tea vessels, then the warmth of the steam rising from the first small cup of green tea, inhaled deeply, fragrance savored before sipping, and, then, after the cup is empty . . . Oh, the aftertaste! --Dennis Fazio

Poetry is song and sculpture in a banquet of words. -- Alan Vraspir

Poetry is inspired song. The breath is the soul of the poem. The poet gathers the air around, the blue from the sky and her curling eyes, the warmth from the sun and his lover's body . . . and sings. . . -- Hugh Himwich

I see poetry in the ripples of the pond reflecting truths far below the surface. I hear it as a whisper, a wonder, and a rush of wildness.– Ruth Wilson

Poetry is a bell whose ringing excites vibrations in others of its kind. -- Charles Eaton


One line after another,

speaking in rhyme,

bending all time,

mending my deepest thoughts

of reason.

– Mike Nadler

Poetry is a cool, gentle breeze making the grass flicker to one side at 7:32 am in the bottom of the second inning. – A.J. Bregman

Poetry rises from the heart and soul of one - to touch the hearts and souls of many. -- Susan Ontiveros

(good) poetry is not poetic. it is raw. like teeth on bone. like a song on a broken violin. like my name on your lips. – Ciara Macfarland

Eye hacksaw unt jigante byrd in-

Wherein almost everything is spelled incorrectly, and furthermore, the sentence doesn’t even finish properly (the basis of the sentence being “I saw a giant bird in-“, where it is then cut off), yet this may still be considered as art, and, more specifically, poetry. -- Henry David

The moment, the singularity, resurges again and again. Each generation wears it differently. Sometimes the shortest path to the point is no path at all. --Alissa Simon