Using Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a great tool that came with Office 365. It is more intuitive and easier to use than Lifesize in many cases. In order to use it all you need to do is go to the start button (), start typing “Skype” and open it (this is an easy way to open any program that you don’t have pinned to your task bar). Sign in using your Office 365 ID and password ().Once you are logged in, you can search for staff members by typing their name or by searching for groups.You can add users simply by going to groups and searching for the group, right clicking on it and choosing add as contact:

In this way, you can add any email distribution group as a contact and all members of that group will then be in your contacts. You can also then invite to a Skype meeting from Outlook. Some of the groups I have added to my Skype are Fraternity Staff (no ELC’s), ELC’s, and Foundation HQ Staff but you can add committees as well:

It is not necessary for those outside staff to have Skype for Business, the free version will allow them to text or video conference with Skype for Business usersas long as they link their Skype account to a Microsoft account. They can see if their account is linked to a Microsoft account inaccount settings. If it isn’t, find out how tolink accounts.

Setting up a video conference meeting (Thank you Jami)

Once you are logged in, you can search for staff members by typing their name. From there, right-mouse click and add them to a group for easy access. I have mine set up like this:

If you want to set up a meeting where Skype will be used – especially if the participant(s) are not Theta staff – you can do so by connecting your appointment invitation with Skype. That way, you will essentially wait in the conference space for someone to join, rather than worrying about calling each of them and connecting the calls.

  1. Select “New Appointment” in Outlook and click on “Skype Meeting” in the appointment tab.
  1. This will add “Skype Meeting” to the location and include a link to join the meeting in the body of the message. From there, you add your participant(s) email address(es), the subject of your meeting, and the usual days/time. Don’t forget to press the “timezones” button if the attendee(s) are not all in EST (image of that button below)!

    The Time Zones button appears only if your appointment screen is wide enough. Otherwise, it is hidden in “Options”.
  1. When it is time for your meeting, open the appointment invite and click on the “Join Skype Meeting” link. When prompted options for the meeting audio, select “Use Skype for Business”. It will bring you right into the conference space with the other participants.

Screen Sharing

  1. At the bottom of the call window, click the monitor icon.
  2. SelectPresent Desktop, Present Programs, orPresent PowerPointFiles.
  3. Select your screen, program, or file you want to share.
  4. Control your sharing activity with the sharing bar at the top of your screen.
  5. ClickStop Sharingwhen finished.