FYHA Tournament Policy

Tournament play offers an enjoyable opportunity for players at all levels to demonstrate their hockey skills in a competitive environment that encourages fair play, and above all, fun. Franklin Youth Hockey Association (FYHA) supports teams wishing to participate in tournaments during the season; however it is imperative that all established tournament policies listed below are strictly adhered to protect the interests of the program and its membership.


It is recommended that team officials inform the players’ parents of the proposed tournament plans in sufficient time for the parents to make an informed decision about their level of participation. It is recommended that the parents be provided with the pertinent details in writing.

1.  Team officials must seek competitive opportunities which are at a suitable level for their team.

2.  Teams wishing to travel under the “FHYA” association name, and wear the team jerseys which have been supplied by FYHA, must meet the following requirements:

a. will play in USA Hockey sanctioned tournament events.

b. all tournament players/coaches must be registered, rostered, and in good standing, with FYHA.

c. all tournament players will wear their assigned FYHA jersey numbers listing their own names on the back. If any jersey number conflicts arise due to player borrowing, please contact the program equipment manager to see if a replacement jersey for the tournament can be obtained.

d. teams will maintain a properly patched coach for the playing level on bench for all tournament games.

3.  Coaches wishing to borrow players, whether it be for league games or tournaments, are encouraged, as a courtesy, to contact the other coach(es) and place a formal request for the player(s) they would like to extend an invitation to. Please note: when borrowing players: players can play up, but not down (ex. A Mite 1 player should not be playing with the Mite 2 team in a Mite B division. However, if the Mite 2 team decides to play in the Mite A division, that Mite 1 player is now eligible to play should he/she be needed.). Teams bring up players to fill vacant tournament roster spots MUST notify the Program Director and Program Registrar as in some cases, a special tournament roster may need to be created

4.  Teams/players will not be granted tournament releases from FYHA to play with or as other teams in tournaments. Parents of players wanting to go to tournaments with other teams that are not affiliated/registered with FYHA need to be aware that their USA Hockey insurance coverage does not travel with their child if they participate with a team where their child is not a rostered player.

5.  Teams traveling to tournaments must cover all of their own fees and expenses. FYHA will not provide any funds towards tournaments costs. Note: the only exception to this being the State Tournament/District Playdown application fee.

6.  Head Coaches/Team Managers shall notify FYHA’s Program Director, and copy the Ice Director, Asst. Program Director-Westboro, ,and Asst. Program –Foxboro/Marl/Norfolk with the details of your tournament plans to include: the following information: Name of tournament, dates of tournament, level you will be playing at (ex. PeeWee A, B,C, or II, III, IV, V), what players will be playing with your team at the tournament.

7.  FYHA will not grant permission to teams wanting to attend tournaments that interfere with a regularly scheduled league game unless prior notification/arrangements have been made well in advance.

8.  Teams wishing to attend an out-of-state, or out-of-country, tournament must obtain the appropriate travel permit from the District. Please refer to the attached FYHA Travel Policy for details.

9.  Teams/team officials attending any tournament should be prepared to handle any/all situations that may potentially arise. Teams should review the attached recommended Tournament Risk Management Checklist/“In Case of Emergency” Planning.

10. Coaches, Parents, and Players representing FYHA are expected to uphold FYHA’s codes of conduct while attending all tournaments.

11. Failure to abide by this policy can affect a team’s ability to participate in any future tournament play for the balance of a season. Furthermore, any team official, or member found in violation will be subject to disciplinary action.

Tournament Risk Management Check List/ In Case of Emergency Planning

Do your homework, be prepared!

Did you?

1.  Send email notification of tournament travel plans to FYHA Program Director and appropriate parties. (see tournament policy item #6)

2.  Obtain Travel Permit (for out of state travel). See travel policy.

Do you have?

1.  Equipment: Games Shirt (home/away), Pucks, Water bottles

2.  First aid kit with supplies that are fully stocked (Ice packs, Band-Aids, etc,)

3.  Copies of USA Hockey league roster or approved Tournament roster

4.  Roster Labels (if you do not want to manually enter player/coaches info for every game sheet).

5.  Mass Hockey Consent to treat and Medical History forms

6.  Contact numbers (including cell phone) for parents and alternates

7.  Location/ Phone of the nearest medical facility.

Other side notes:

o  Make sure before stepping on ice the Ice Officials are properly patched within the correct season. Note Ice Officials have until November 30th of the calendar year to update their crest.

o  Locker Room Control: As with league games, it is recommended that there be one coach/adult in locker room at all times while players are dressing and undressing.

o  Exiting Ice after Games: Head coaches and assistant coaches are responsible for the actions of their players while in any rink, before during and after the game. Please pay careful attention to ensure the safety of FYHA’s players, and avoid any unnecessary altercations at the end of regulation time. It is recommended using an alternate ice surface exit as the opposing team if possible. If not, please try to hold your players back and let the other team exit first.

FYHA Travel Policy

This policy applies to any FYHA affiliated team wishing to play in an out-of-state tournament or to play against a team (or teams) outside of Massachusetts. Permission to travel outside of Massachusetts will only be granted to teams that are members in good standing with FYHA/Mass Hockey.

Any FYHA team traveling outside the state must obtain a travel permit. The only exceptions will be the following:

A.  Single games played in bordering states (CT, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT)

B.  practice ice time

C.  league play

Permit Applications can be obtained either from the Massachusetts Hockey web site (www.masshockey.com) or in the back of the Massachusetts Hockey Annual Guide Book.

Head coach/Team Manager is responsible for obtaining the team travel permit. Requests are not handled/facilitated through the FYHA board members.

Travel Permits will only be issued by the Massachusetts Hockey District 3 Registrar

Head coaches/Team Manager should go to the Mass Hockey website or refer to the Mass Hockey Annual Guide for the current District 3 Registrar’s contact information when sending in their applications. The FYHA Program Director can be contacted for further assistance.

Permit requests must be submitted well in advance (3 weeks prior to departure) of travel dates, otherwise late fees apply. Please refer to the application for the appropriate travel fees.

For 2008-2009 season mail to:

Ken Robinson

42 Lincoln Street

Weymouth, MA 02191

Ph: 781-335-0434


Once your application for travel permit is processed, the Massachusetts Hockey District 3 Registrar will send a copy of the team roster with the permit directly back to you.

Unregistered teams wishing to travel and play outside of North America may apply for Travel Permits by filing a roster (names, addresses, birth dates, signatures and passport numbers) with the Massachusetts State Registrar and including a fee to Massachusetts Hockey of $250.00 per team.

Per Mass Hockey, any Associations/Team officials found in violation of the travel permit procedures shall be subject to disciplinary action.

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