Sig Fig Practice II

Complete the following statements by inserting either “are” or “are not” in the blanks provided.

  1. Zeros between two significant digits ______significant.
  2. Zeros to the right of a decimal point that precede all nonzero digits ______significant.
  3. All nonzero digits ______significant.
  4. One or more final zeros used after the decimal point ______significant.
  5. Zeros used solely for spacing the decimal point ______significant.

Count the number of significant digits in each of the measurements listed below. Write your answer in the space provided.

  1. 230.005 m ______
  2. 109,000 kg ______
  3. 328.46 mm ______
  4. .00607 cm3______
  5. 5.017 L ______
  6. 8000 km ______
  7. .057 g ______
  8. 610.0 kPa______

Solve each of the following problems. Show your work and be sure to answer using the correct amount of significant figures!

  1. Nate enjoyed Wheaties for breakfast this morning. Find the volume of a Wheaties box, which had the dimensions of 35.2 cm x 22.0 cm x 6.0 cm.
  1. Tori was trying several oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipes this weekend. The main difference between them all was the amount of milk she used. The first recipe called for 6.5 ml, the second called for 10 ml, and the last called for 8.5 ml. How many mls of milk did she use making cookies this weekend?
  1. Chris samples Tori’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on Monday. She brought to school 25 cookies. Chris ate 23.8. How many cookies does she have left?
  1. Using chemical analysis, Rachel determines the atomic mass of titanium to be 48 g/mol. The periodic table lists its mass to be 47.88 g/mol. Calculate Rachel’s percent error.

Answer the following problems using the correct amount of significant figures. *Hint: There are different rules that apply to multiplication & division then there are for addition & subtraction. Also, for addition and subtraction it helps to rewrite the problem so that the numbers are vertical allowing the decimal points to be directly under one another.

  1. 25.336 x 4.321
  1. 21/3.2
  1. 187.621 + 42 + .0263
  1. 5.32 – 3.2
  1. 98.215 + 89.321 + 65.48
  1. 562 x 80000000
  1. 568/.00023
  1. 110808.12 – 56.4893