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1 Policy Statement 3

2 Complaints 3

3 Appeal 3

4 Categories 4

5 Signatories and Signatures 4

6 Use of SAQA Trademark 4

7 Use of SAQA Hologram 4

8 Certificate Information 5

9 Off-site Security 5

10 Integrity of Data 5

11 Certificate Integrity 6

12 Re-printing Certificates 6

13 Responsibility and Authority 6

1  Policy Statement

The AgriSETA assumes full responsibility for issuing certificates of accreditation to constituent providers, certificates of learning achievements and the registration of constituent assessors, moderators and verifiers.


The Agriculture Sector Education and Training Authority (AgriSETA) has been accredited by SAQA as an ETQA (Education and Training Quality Assurance) Body.

The AgriSETA ETQA has as a requirements laid down by SAQA, to "take responsibility for the certification of constituent learners".

To this end, the AgriSETA ETQA has developed this policy on how to execute this function and responsibility.

These responsibilities will not be delegated, thereby ensuring the integrity of the certification and awards process.

The SAQA hologram and the AgriSETA logo will appear on the certificate which are issued by AgriSETA.

1.1  The AgriSETA ETQA issues certificates for the following: Accredited Constituent Providers;

1.2  Registered Constituent Assessors;

1.3  Registered Constituent Moderators;

1.4  Registered Verifiers;

1.5  Constituent Learners for achievement of National Qualifications.

2  Complaints

A Training Provider, Assessor or Learner may lodge a complaint outside of the appeals policy and process with regard to the following:

2.1  Accuracy of information on the certificate;

2.2  Turn around time for releasing certificates.

Printing and release of Certificates shall be done within a period of 30days from receipt of the request for certification.

3  Appeal

A provider, assessor or learner may access the Appeals Procedure should they be dissatisfied with any of the following relating to the certification of learners:

3.1  Withholding certification;

3.2  De-registration.

4  Categories

Certificates will only be issued for the following:

Category / Conditions for Certification
4.1  Provider Accreditation: / Accredited as a Constituent Training Provider on:
§  evidence of compliance to the set criteria
§  proof of competence to deliver training programmes
4.2  Learner Achievement: / Proof of Competency for NQF related:
§  Qualifications
And designated trade certificates
which the AgriSETA ETQA is accredited to quality assure
4.3  Assessor, Moderator or Verifier: / Registered as a Assessor, Moderator or as a Verifier on:
§  Proof of Competency from the Training Provider
§  Registration with ETDP SETA

5  Signatories and Signatures

Due to the large number of certificates that are printed, the electronic signature of the CEO maybe inserted onto the certificates under password authority. As part of risk management, the use of electronic signatures will be strictly managed and monitored in accordance with the current legislation that controls such use.

6  Use of SAQA Trademark

Written permission will be requested from SAQA prior to using logo and hologram. The AgriSETA ETQA undertakes to control and monitor use of the SAQA trademarks. Where the SAQA logo is to appear on printed certificates or statements of achievements, the logo will be used without any alteration and only as originally intended.

7  Use of SAQA Hologram

Only the following pre-printed certificates will bear the SAQA hologram:

7.1  Full Accreditation for accreditation of a Constituent Provider;

7.2  Full Qualification falling within the scope of the AgriSETA ETQA;

7.3  Full Qualification obtained through a Learnership falling within the scope of the AgriSETA ETQA.

8  Certificate Information

The AgriSETA certificates will meet the SAQA requirements by including the following information on the face:

8.1  Certificate category and relevant details;

8.2  Full name of the Learner (First name/s followed by the surname);

8.3  Identity number of the Learner;

8.4  Date certificate is issued;

8.5  AgriSETA logo;

8.6  SAQA hologram;

8.7  SAQA logo;

8.8  Name and level of qualification;

8.9  Credit value/s;

8.10  Signatories of the AgriSETA CEO and Quality Assurance Manager;

8.11  Unique certificate number;

8.12  Expiry date (where applicable).

The specific unit standards for which the learner has been granted achievement, will be listed on an AgriSETA letterhead and which will be attached to the certificate.

9  Off-site Security

All certificates will be stored according to the set policies and procedures, with the minimum criteria being a lockable fireproof safe.

Security audits will be conducted:

9.1  Regularly by the AgriSETA ETQA;

9.2  On a random basis on request from SAQA.

All certificates will be posted by registered mail or be personally collected from the AgriSETA office.

10  Integrity of Data

10.1  The integrity of data will be maintained by the Service Provider and the ETQA in accordance with the Management Information Systems (MIS) policy.

10.2  Access to learner information will be by password authorisation.

10.3  Only a systems administrator will be responsible for maintaining or updating information on the database. This will ensure that manipulation and errors are kept to a minimum.

11  Certificate Integrity

All constituent training providers will be required to display their current accreditation status in public view. The ETQA will have sole jurisdiction for issuing certificates to:

11.1  Learners who have achieved NQF Qualifications, Skills Programmes and Unit Standards that fall within the scope of the AgriSETA ETQA;

11.2  Constituent training providers;

11.3  Constituent assessors, moderators and verifiers.

12  Re-printing Certificates

12.1  Certificate reprints will only be done in the case of faulty information on certificates. In such cases the original certificates must be returned to the Quality Control Co-ordinator: Accreditation with the accompanying request for re-printing.

12.2  Accreditation and Qualification achievements will not be re-printed as a result of learner negligence or loss of a certificate. In such instances, only a Statement of Achievement will be issued on an AgriSETA letterhead.

13  Responsibility and Authority

13.1  Chief Executive Officer:-

The AgriSETA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has the responsibility and authority to:-

13.1.1  Ensure that the provisions in the procedure are adhered to.

13.2  Quality Assurance Manager:-

The Quality Assurance Manager has the responsibility and authority to:-

13.2.1  Implement the procedure.

13.2.2  Regularly monitor adherence to the procedure.

13.2.3  Ensure that any changes to the procedure are processed correctly.

13.2.4  Coordinate the annual review of the procedure.

13.3  Other:-

Any additional responsibilities and authorities of the above-mentioned personnel and the other personnel involved, are described in the other sections of this procedure.

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