Oakland Fire and Rescue

October 3, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

Treasurers Report

Beginning balance $8,098.41. No bills were presented.

Memorial of $250 was given.

We have $2,068.20 in Savings.

Jamie M motioned to accept report, Mike 2nd.

Officers Report

Jess- Jess will check the LUCAS this month. Will do two applicants tests tonight.

Have one new application, Dustin Leja.

The executive board did meet, sent out a couple of letters based on attendance.

Russ gone, Nick- After meeting we will take picture for the paper and then do gear inspections.

Susan- Training this month, EMS welcome to come. Discussion held on Fire Fighter I class, will wait til December to do it with Lyons. 7 people are interested in taking the class. It will be on Tuesday nights and a couple of Saturdays. Need approval for office supplies for folders and SOGs.

Mike- No exact date set on EMT class, probably middle of November. Any EMTs need con-ed can sit in on classes.

Jamie M- Truck 42 pump won't start, haven't heard from Danko. Jamie is aware that 12 has marks on it. Still looking into batteries and conditioner. Maintenance went well. Please sign the rosters at maintenance and trainings. Talked about a maintenance committee. Jamie M, Brandon, Cody, Greg, and Austin interested.

Lindsey- Pete Thiele will be here Thursday, October 6 at 8pm for sports injuries. Training on October 10 @ 6:30pm on burns.

Susan- If you don't have a shirt for pictures see Susan after the meeting.

Nick-Had a Rural Board meeting a couple weeks ago, discussed storm activity and the radio difficulties we had during the storm. Had to rely on cell phones a lot. Rural Board asked that if you want to take the EMT class that you sign a written commitment saying you will complete the course.

The SOP's are complete, will try to get them online. Between now and next month if you see something that needs changed, write it down and get it to Nick. Some changes made is that it is now in an easier to read format and there were changes made to the tag system. Also you need to read the SOP's and bylaws before you get gear. To keep your green tags you need to have 30 hours of con-ed every two years.

Auxiliary- none

Committee Reports

Fire Prevention- Everything is ordered. Having trouble getting a hold of the school principal to make final arrangements. Hoping to do it next Wednesday. Discussed talking to the Superintendent if we can't get a hold of the Principal. Look for a text when we have the date set. Need approval to get coloring pages printed. Arrangements made.

Equipment committee- Sent the company photos of 30. It is suppose to be out the door the end of this week or next. Rural Board approved a new chain saw and drimals for the squad and 61. Also getting black helmets for the Cadets, they will be smaller, EMS style. We are still getting prices on names for the back of gear. Looking into prices for a 5 piece battery powered tool kit. Committee will meet Wednesday at 7 pm.

Beef Burger Feed- October 15th from 10:30am to 1:30pm. Charging $5 a plate, $2.50 for kids. Mike motioned to give budget of $500 for supplies, Jessica 2nd. Last year a profit of $535.65 was made.

Trick or Treating- Jamie J motioned for $50 for candy, Nick 2nd, moved.

By-laws- The state is offering a $250 tax deduction. Will be using a point system. We need a by-law committee to look over our excuse/attendance policy and our points system. Nick, Bill, DJ, Brandon, and Jamie M will meet next week.

Old Business

Russ and Connies Anniversary party is this Saturday at 5pm.

Toys for Tots account set up at bank. Jeri and Gisela need to sign a paper for the bank.

Pop machine- Jamie M is looking for a coin machine to put in, the cheapest one found is $197.

New Business

Who is responsible for refilling the pop and water. Jamie M volunteered.

When need someone to keep an eye on the flag, move it to half-mast when needed. DJ volunteered.

Discussed waiving the 6 month wait to allow those on probation to take EMT class, will still be on probation.


Dustin Leja- was on the Nickerson dept.


Josiah Nickerson voted on as a Cadet

Matt Townsend tabled for a month.

Austin Atwell voted on 6 month probation

David Peterson voted on 6 month probation

Jason Kasperak voted on 6 month probation

Call Review

Sunday morning call, we got kudos from the hospital on how we handled it. Our crew stayed to help stabilize the patient until the helicopter arrived.

Reminder- wear safety vests when on roadways.

Bill motioned to dismiss, Mike 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm