BAMITAcademy Support TeamMinutes

Monday, May 16, 2016

4:15 p.m.

Jefferson High School, Room 247

I.Welcome and Call to Order: 4:15 p.m.

II.Welcome to new members and/or guests: Relay for Life and BAMIT Student Advisory Council students

III.Approval of or Adjustments to Agenda: Add BAMIT Student Advisory Council presentation

IV.Relay For Life Student Presentation: Thank you to all BAMIT AST members who supported this year’s Relay by mentoring and forming a team. JHS students are currently supporting the Winnebago event on June 17. You can follow all JHS Relay activity on Twitter and Facebook.

***Request for summer mentoring: Students are again seeking mentors to come to school over the summer periodically (dates and times to follow) to advise on plans for our next JHS Relay. Stay tuned for more detail.

V. Student Advisory Council members thanked the AST members for their ongoing support with a gift bag.

V.Follow-Up on Previous Items

A. Graphic Design, IT (hardware/coding) representative: still seeking a representative; however, Nicole Frazer reported that some BAMIT, IT Pathway students have been involved in Coding Club, an after-school club that she and Mary Beth Eilders co-sponsor with Charles Konkol (IT professor at RVC)and his students. Next year, these RVC students could earn internship credit for the time they give to work with our students.

B. Others? None others added.

V. Teacher Reports and Requests (Outcome: Requests met or referred to CCRC)

A. Nicole Frazer: Shark Tank: Thank you to Jessica Hendon and Keith Barnett for your presentations and participation as a shark in assessing student work/

B. Adulting 101: Thank you to Keith and many others in the community who presented to JHS seniors over a period of a month (every Wed. for four weeks) on topics such as good credit/bad credit, professional demeanor, investments, and benefits.

C. BAMIT Identity Event and shirts: Marcus Lewis reported that the event showed the strength of the academy both in planning and implementing. The speaker was a JHS alum and was dynamic and the t-shirt was designed by a JHS alum who now works in the graphic design industry.

D. Steve Hoover: Commissioned videos (United Way and Ramp): The Strong Neighborhood series videos are still in production but will be completed by the end of the school year. Finishing touches are being made on the RAMP videos, but they are completely acted and filmed.

E. Judy Gustafson: Mock Interviews: Thank you to all who served as mock interviewers for the juniors and the freshmen this semester.

F. Others?Pass The Torch is Wednesday. This is a rite of passage ceremony in which freshmen are passed from the freshmen principal to the receiving principal of their chosen academy. They also learn more about their academy (counselor, secretary, location, mission statement, colors, etc.) by receiving a letter of acceptance. A real torch is passed between principals.

VI. Action Items

A. National Standards of Practice: The team completed review of NSOP 6.

B. Meeting date and time proposal (every month for the first three months of

the school year)? Jessica proposed that the team meet monthly for the first three months of the school year to get well established. The team agreed that the 3rd Monday of the month at 4:15 p.m. will remain the time.

C. Officers for 2016-17 school year? Jessica agreed to remain Chair of the AST. Without Dan McKee present, no reaffirmation or election was held on the Secretary position.

VIII. Data Report:

Marcus reported that he is only concerned about the graduation of two seniors. A few will complete requirements online, over the summer, or head for a GED program.

IX. Adjournment: 5:15 p.m.

BAMIT Academy prepares students to communicate, collaborate, and create successfully within a global society.

Next Meeting: 4:15 p.m., Monday, Aug. 15, JHS