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Health & Safety Planning Objectives 2013 – 2014

Item / Objective / Proposed completion date / Actual completion date / Notes
PART A / University requirements
1. / School Health and Safety Policy
(to be reviewed annually and signed and dated by current Head of School) / September / Schedule so most up to date policy is in place at start of new academic year
2. / Health and Safety self-inspection
(to be carried out at least once per year, preferably in Autumn Term (before mid-October): see ’Guidance to Heads of Schools on Safety Management pub Feb 2010, or contact the Safety Office ) / To report to the Autumn Term Health, Safety and Environment Committee
3. / Significant Hazard Activity Risk Assessments (including DSE assessments for all users) to be completed, reviewed and revised – as appropriate / September / Schedule so most up to date risk assessments are in place at start of new academic year
PART B / School items
1. / Specific objectives can include:
1. School Health and Safety Committee convened at least annually
2. Identification of training needs in respect of safety;
3. Completion of School’s Training matrix
4. Delivery of X% of identified training needs;
5. Safety induction of all new staff;
6. Review and update of School-related safety guidance, etc. / The School Health and Safety committee should be convened before the October University health and safety committee. High-risk schools should also hold a H&S Committee or management meeting prior to the Spring University H&S Committee.
Schedule so training matrix is up to date at start of academic year and all training needs or refresher training has been identified
2. / Review and update Fire Warden list for building(s) occupied / Schedule so that fire warden list is updated prior to start of academic year.
3. / Timescaled corrective actions in place to rectify non-conformances identified during inspection or audit.

Signed by Head of School ______Date ______