Checklist for Supervisors

(Internal Movement)

Most of these items will apply if an employee is moving from one unit to another. If an employee is transferring or being promoted within the same unit, some of these checklist items may apply. The checklist is intended to help with a smooth transition from one job to another and to serve as a reminder for various items/information that an employee may or may not need in the new position.

Your employee’s first week in a different position, especially day one, becomes an important first impression of the supervisor, co-workers, department, and MSU as a whole. Please set a positive and friendly atmosphere for your employee. Take time to properly introduce this employee to co-workers throughout the first week if the employee is transitioning to a different department. Consider providing a tour to your employee of the specific worksite. It’s always nice to schedule lunch with him/her throughout the first week of employment in the new area.

If your new employee will need various electronic accounts, such as email, WebAdvisor, Colleague, etc., he/she should visit the “Account Information” tab on Information Technology’s website. FERPA training will be required for some accounts and can be accessed within MyMoreheadState.

If your employee will be issued office/building key(s), you should complete the necessary Facility Key Request form(can be accessed via the Police Department’s website) and submit to the Police Department. Then, have your employee pick up the key(s) when it/they are ready. In addition, remind your new employee to return keys to his/her former office/building.

If your new employee will be granted long distance telephone access, he/she
should request a long distance authorization code by submitting an email request with supervisor approval to . The email should provide the employee’s MSU ID and the appropriate department’s budget code.

Provide your employee with an official job description and discuss what he/she will be evaluated on at the conclusion of his/her probationary period. Provide your employee with periodic feedback about performance throughout the probationary period.Help your employee succeed.

Discuss department operating guidelines, e.g. lunch period, breaks, timekeeping, etc.

Inform your employee about how to request leave properly via the Exception Approval Form. You may also provide your employee with copies of the leave policies. They can be accessed via the “Policy” link on Human Resources website and are PG-48 (Vacation Leave) and PG-49 (Sick Leave). Any departmental rules relating to vacation/sick leave should be shared as well.

Inform your new employee about the opportunity to further his/her education via the Tuition Waiver Program. Also, discuss departmental rules with regard to taking classes. The policies relating to Tuition Waiver can be accessed via the “University Administrative Regulations” from the “A-Z Index” on MSU’s website. The policy numbers are 326 (taking classes at other Kentucky public institutions) and 327 (taking classes at MSU). Any departmental rules relating to vacation/sick leave should be shared as well.

Revised 8-14-2015