Organised by the BBC/ Attended by the BBC not organised/ Studio events

Events Organised by BBC at an External Venue
Notes / Y / N
Stand bills, exhibition stands, should be signed off by the designer
Fire evacuation procedures should be part of an induction which should include first aid, and welfare facilities
Arrangements for handling and transporting money
Welfare facilities, are these at the venue or are we providing porta loos
Is there any signage or other branding being delivered and put in place by a contractor at the venue
Is food being provided by caterers are these caterers from the preferred supplier list
Accommodation and transport to and from the venue for BBC employees
Training, competence, experience in event organising, and risk assessing by the organisers
Contractors used at the event should produce risk assessment, method statement these should be checked by the BBC event organisers
Events Attended by BBC at External Venue
Emergency evacuation procedures induction to be given by the venue
Responsible person at the venue single point of contact for the event
Fire risk assessment from the venue giving a thorough outline of the event
Risk assessment and method statements from any contractors organised by the event organiser, (e.g. it is okay to ask the venue if these have been reviewed by them, it is expected that contractors will be mentioned in the actual event risk assessment, is there is electricity supplied then this should be part of the risk assessment from the venue, contractor competence should be checked and confirmed
Safety and security at the venue what are those procedures is everyone aware as with the emergency procedures these should be included in the induction
Studio Event -As the studio resource manager for their risk assessment and prepare your according to the Studio requirements
Is there an audience
Is there a band
Is there a crew
Is there catering
Common Factors
Public liability insurance
Risk assessment
Method statements
Single point of contact
Fire risk assessment
Clear contractual arrangements with everyone attending the event

The above is only a checklist, the BBC do reserve the right to ask for production of any of the above at anytime

Privacy Notice

Personal information collected for the purposes of [this checklist] will be used to identify [those at risk, and those involved in controlling risk, from this or similar activities and to fulfil the BBC’s obligations under Health and Safety policy and legislation]. It will be retained for up to [6][1] years after [the expiry of the activity]. It may be shared with other organisations, including our agents and contractors, with whom [the risk or the control of risk is shared].

Safety Events Checklist External6th March 2012

[1] Advisable to check the Corporate Retention Schedule for the appropriate retention period