It is DeMaria Building Company’s intent to have a Scope Review with your Company . This is by no means an award of the contract, but rather the first step in determining the low bidder with the proper scope. It is important for both your company and DeMaria Building Company to have a complete understanding of the project scope as it is to be agreed upon if so chosen for award. The following check list is intended to help expedite your scope review, it is critical that all items on the check list are completed and brought to your scope review meeting, no contracts can be awarded without the required information below. Along with this please review the attached Scope Review Meeting Minutes and our DeMaria Standard Subcontract Agreement prior to our meeting.

The following items are included for your review:

Meeting Minutes

Sample Subcontract Agreement

Please bring the following documentation:

Certified Current EMR, IR with letter from your insurance carrier

Labor Rates with detailed breakdown

Letter from each union who’s members you employ indicating the date through

which all fringe benefit payments have been received.

For proposals $500,000 and above the following information is required at scope review:

References from current projects

Bonding capacity letter on the surety’s letterhead dated within the last 60 days

stating single and aggregate capacity amounts, signed by attorney-in-fact, with

the Power of Attorney attached.

Subcontractor’s most recently CPA prepared financial statements and internal

financial statements not greater than 120 days old which must include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement

Amount of subcontractor’s current backlog

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not an approved DeMaria Building Company Subcontractor/Vendor, please visit our website at . The Prequalification Package is located under the Sub/Vendor Services oval; click on the Prequalification Form tab on the left and download the form for submittal.


Project Description and Location:

Project Number

Is contractor / vendor approved? Yes No If no, then needs to pre-qualify.

Phone Review In Person

Subcontractor: / Date: / Time:

Meeting Attendees: Name Company

Project Manager
Project Engineer

1) Subcontractor acknowledges to have reviewed the plans and specifications in their

entirety including all addenda and owner issued documents? Yes No

2) Includes Addenda Nos.: Yes No N/A

3) Does the subcontractor understand and accept all the conditions in DeMaria Building Company’s standard sub contract agreement? Yes No

  • If yes, the subcontractor acknowledges that they have read the DeMaria subcontract in its entirety and will have no changes or modifications to the standard contract language if awarded this project.
  • If No, subcontractor must review DeMaria’s standard subcontract

Agreement within 48 hours, No subcontract can be issued prior to acceptance.


4) Bid Price Summary:


Base Bid Amount:


Add for Bonds:

No. / Description / (Add/Deduct) / Accepted?
$ / Yes / No
$ / Yes / No
$ / Yes / No
$ / Yes / No
$ / Yes / No
$ / Yes / No
$ / Yes / No


Note: “or equal” products are not acceptable unless proper substitution requests have been made and accepted by owner.

6) Unit Prices Yes (List) No N/A

7) Does the bid have any voluntary alternates? Yes No

(If yes list description below)

8) Performance/Payment Bond Required? Yes No Included? Yes No

If yes, identify the cost of the bond / $

9) Amount of subcontractor’s current backlog ______

10) Is this proposal inclusive of all taxes? Yes No

11) Does the price include all permits associated with the scope of work? Yes No

12) Subcontractor agrees with and will meet the DeMaria Base Line Schedule. Yes No

Does the bid include all overtime and shift time required to meet the schedule? Yes No

13) If overtime and shift time have not been included, how does the subcontractor plan to meet the project schedule requirements? (For example, multiple crews in multiple areas simultaneously, etc.)


14) Does the bid include overtime and shift time necessary to make all cut-ins and cut-overs to avoid interference with the Owners operations? Yes No

15) Subcontractor has read, understands, and will comply with all requirements of the bid documents as follows (List front-end documents, etc. as applicable to this project.)

Yes / No
Yes / No
Yes / No
Yes / No
Yes / No
Yes / No
Yes / No

16) Review Labor rates. Yes (Required prior to award of contract by date)

17) Comments regarding labor availability, contract expirations, or other labor issues affecting completion date:

18) Describe any special impact this subcontractor may have on the final product quality and identify the plan control: (Ex.: Concrete finishes, landscape, fence layout, etc.)
19) Is the subcontractor aware of the schedule, deadline and potential of Liquidated Damages involved with the project. Yes No

20) Has the subcontractor performed projects of this type and/or size recently? Yes No

21) Has the subcontractor performed satisfactorily for DeMaria Building Company on

recent projects? (Refer to Post Project Reviews) Yes No N/A



22) BID INCLUSIONS (included, but not limited to):

Bid recap, including scope of work, specification sections, options, alternates, etc.

Review layout, demolition, and excavation responsibilities for each trade(Use additional sheets if necessary)

23) Bid exceptions or exclusions? None

(Use additional sheets if required)

24) Subcontractor has reviewed, understands and will comply with the DeMaria project logistics plan including site plan, staging areas, storage requirements, deliveries, pedestrian controls, parking and site access conditions/limitations etc. Yes


25) Does this project require Just-in-Time delivery

(i.e. no lay down area), subcontractor will comply Yes No


26) Does the contractor have an understanding of owner facilities, utilities & power requirements?

Yes / No

27) Subcontractor is aware of requirements for and has included costs for:

Barriers / Barricades / Safety Signage / Yes No N/A / No / N/A
Temporary Office/Facilities/On-Site Storage / Yes No N/A / No / N/A
Temporary Utilities/Power / Yes No N/A / No / N/A
Temporary Heating/Cooling / Yes No N/A / No / N/A
Temporary Fire Protection / Yes No N/A / No / N/A
Winter Conditions / Yes No N/A / No / N/A

28) If Subcontractor is installing items provided by the Owner or DeMaria, Subcontractor understands that it is responsible to document receipt, receive, unload, inventory, distribute/hoist the items, protect, and provide cleanup and removal of all dunnage (boxes, pallets, wrapping, etc.) related to these items? Yes No N/A

29) Subcontractor is required to provide:

Daily clean up as it relates to identifiable debris. Yes No

30) How does this subcontractor intend on meeting the requirements for daily clean up?

Hours in Bid per Lot ______, Material Handling Cost______, Hauling/Disposal Cost______

31) Dumpsters for your own work and debris? Yes No

It is each subcontractors responsibility to clean & broom their work area on a daily basis as part of identifiable clean up. Each subcontractor will be responsible for their own identifiable debris. If the site is not cleaned up, the superintendent will clean up the site and charge each subcontractor accordingly, based on a pro-rated system as determined by the project superintendent. Site/Roadway clean-up must be maintained and applicable trades will need to provide street sweeping/dust control while on-site.


32) Subcontractor’s current EMR with attached letter from insurance carrier:

20 EMR

Current Year

20 EMR

Previous Year(s)

20 EMR
20 EMR

Current Incident Rating:

(To calculate:[# (Recordable Injuries or Lost Work Day Injuries) x 200,000]= IncidentRate

Exposure Hours (RIR or LWIR)

33) If jobsite is under MUST administration (substance abuse testing and training) or other program, Subcontractor will comply with all provisions. Yes No

34) Subcontractor will comply with all provisions of DeMaria’s safety program?

Yes / No


35) A valid certificate of insurance that meets the specification requirements and or DeMaria Building Co. requirements must be on file with DeMaria Building Company

Yes Date to be filed:

Note: Insurance must list: as additional insured. (A/E, J-V, Owner as applicable)


Subcontractor Key Contacts:

(Name and Title)
(Name and Title)

Office: Field:

(Name and Title)

Corp. Official:

36) / Anticipated crew size; # of crews
(As necessary to maintain & meet the project schedule requirements):

37) Proposed Subcontractors / Suppliers:

38) Has minority participation been included? Yes No

If yes, list dollar amount or percentage:

39) Are there any job specific requirements (EO4, EO22, MBE, WBE, SBE, DBE,DBB, DHB, DSB, etc.)?

The attachments included in the bid pack included:

40) List project goals from bid documents and the percentage or dollar value this subcontractor will provide.

41) What are the goals for Affirmative Action to ensure Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for construction?______

42) Contractor will comply with the EEO requirements, including the use of the Monthly Employment Utilization Report?______

43) Subcontractor will comply with these requirements? Yes No N/A

44) Are there any job specific labor force requirements (NMA, Prevailing Wage, Union, PLA, etc.)? Yes No

45) Subcontractors will comply? Yes No N/A

46) Are union people employed by the Subcontractor?Yes No

47) Are Lower Tier Subcontractors union? YesNo N/A

48) / List union affiliations/local agreements:

49) Is subcontractor in good standing with union Yes No N/A

- Letter from Union Affiliates indicating the

date through which all fringe benefit payments

have been received. Yes No N/A


50) Fees for additional work as defined by Owner.

Own work / % / Sub-subcontract / %

51) Number of items required: To be Electronic (TRAC2)– other than samples/mock-up

-Shop Drawings Electronic

-Product Data # E Yes No

-Samples # Yes No ;

-Maintenance and Operation Manuals # E Yes No

-As Built Drawings # E Yes No

52) / Date submittals will be received by DeMaria:
53) / Lead time on Material & Equipment:
54) / Off-site on on-site billing of stored material:
55) / Bulletin and field order quote time:

Paragraph 44 in Subcontract: In the event that Subcontractor fails to submit a quotation within the time limits set forth herein or the request for quotation, the Contractor shall prepare a quotation with respect to the changed work proposing an estimated amount for increase or decrease in the Subcontract Price for the changed work and Subcontractor shall be bound by such estimate and shall be deemed to have waived any right to propose a different amount.

56) / Copy of final inspections: / Yes No

57) Subcontractor will comply with specified guarantee/warranty period.

years from customer’s acceptance.

58) Action items to be addressed prior to an award of contract:



Attendees Signatures:

Name: ______/______


Name: ______/______


Name: ______/______


Name: ______/______


Name: ______/______


Name: ______/______


Name: ______/______


Name: ______/______


Note that these minutes constitute our understanding of the proceedings of this meeting and will be considered correct and in order unless DeMaria Building Company, Inc. is notified contrary within six (6) calendar days from the date of this distribution.


Effective Date 11-04-14