This is going to all of Troop 243 and is the troop’s Weekly email for 2-26-18. All troop resources, including our calendar, are always available at our web site, you see our newest members and adult leader please welcome them. Bob Goens is our new adult leader and our new tigers are Jack Goens and Zander McMillen!

This is a link that every scout can give to his customers that will allow them to select his name and order flowers giving him credit.

Attachment: February Attendance Matrix, Parts A & B Medical Forms

1) Court of Honor;2) Part C Medical Exams; 3) March Camp Out; 4) Look at Activity Report;

1) This Wednesday is our next Court of Honor. Please plan to attend and bring food items as indicated here. Please bring food or drink to the Court of Honor based on the scout’s last name, S-Y and H-R bring a snack. A-G bring a 2 liter drink. Please bring your assigned snack in the amount that represents the number of scouts you are bringing. If you bring an item with peanuts or tree nuts, please mark it clearly. If at all possible, please come to Gallagher Hall at 6:00 and help with the set up.

2) March 14, very supportive and generous medical personnel will be on hand during the troop meeting to perform Class C medical exams. This exam with the completion of the associated form are required to attend any camp out lasting more than 72 hours, ie summer camp. It is not required that you take advantage of this opportunity but the cost is $0 and it will be effective for a year. You should bring these things with you if you want to take advantage of this:1) ACOPYof an official immunization sheet or aCOPY of a part B medical form with that section completed (Form attached here.) 2) ACOPY of both sides of your son’s medical insurance card unless you know you have recently submitted one. 3) Parent’s signature on part B form.

3) The weekend of March 17th, we will attend the Cherokee District’s Hike, Bike and Shoot “camp out”. I put camp out in quotes because we will stay in a shelter, unless someone wants to bring a tent. You can also look forward to us identifying trees to use for hammock sleeping, limited to the appropriate tree availability in our assigned area. Watch for further news and mark your calendars. A permission slip will be attached to that week’s email and will be posted to the troop web site at that time. District is giving us a discount of $3 per scout that can commit by this Wednesday so you should come to this week’s meeting prepared to commit. You can expect the price to be $15 if a scout commits by this Wednesday and $18 after that. Guests/parents will pay $9 and registered adult leaders who are current on all paperwork will pay nothing.

4) Please read the attached activity report. The attendance for February locks after March 15 so get any corrections in to me before then. Spirit points and fulfillment of leadership requirements depend on an accurate report. ONLY tell me if there is an activity on this report and your son is missing. Do not just send me a list of all of the meetings and tell me your son was there because I don’t have time to check them all for every scout. If there is a missing activity, go to the person who is reporting on the activity, not me. Ex: If there should be an activity to track an Eagle project, go to the Eagle scout.

If you would like to be removed from this email list or change your email address, please reply here and I will take care of it. Please note that the email system does not tell me if you have an inaccurate email address so I have no way to know if you change your email address.