Second Grade Summer Assignment

We will begin the year with an Astronomy Unit about how the patterns and changes in our universe and environment can be observed, described and predicted.

I have hired you to be the classroom reporter to inform us about the objects in the sky and how they create changes on the earth. Choose one of these topics to research.

1Identify and record observable properties of the sun, moon, and stars.

2Identify and record the visible changes in the moon phases and research why it happens.

3Observe and record changes of the location of the sun and moon in the sky over time.

4Describe and compare the patterns of change that occur on the Earth, because of the sun's position to the earth. (How the seasons happen)

Choose one way to display your knowledge from the following :

Product Criteria Cards

Friendly Letter (Written Communication)
●Format includes heading, salutation, body, closing, and signature
●Tone is appropriate for audience
●Length is sufficient to meet grade level expectations and to clearly communicate ideas / Brochure
●Layout is attractive and appropriate for audience and purpose
●It is folded with information on each panel
●Information is organized by topic/idea
●There is evidence of a clear Introduction and conclusion
●All parts are clearly labeled.
●All parts are relevant and help the audience to understand the purpose of the model.
●The scale is proportional and explained.
●The model is clearly explained through an oral presentation. / Powerpoint/Prezi - Slideshow Presentation
●Text features are used effectively and correctly.
●Images are appropriate to topic and add to the audience’s understanding.
●Follows a specific sequence - uses transition words.
●There is evidence of a strong introduction and conclusion.
●The person being interviewed is someone whose view on the topic will be valuable.
●The questions asked of the interviewee are relevant and further your knowledge/opinion of the topic.
●The questions and responses are recorded for the viewer/reader to see.
●You are able to come to a conclusion at the end of the interview based on the information gathered. / Video/Vodcast
●Scenes, and graphics, are relevant and synchronize with audio.
●Content flows in a specific, coherent sequence
●Transitional slides, graphics and words are used to organize thoughts and adhere the vodcast together
●Timing is an appropriate length
●Voices and faces are appropriately animated

Informational Writing

In order to demonstrate your understanding of the content, you should complete a written informational writing that explains the topic that you chose above. Your writing must meet the non-negotiables listed below:

●Every sentence must start with a capital letter

●All proper nouns are capitalized

●Every sentence ends with appropriate punctuation

●Every paragraph is indented

●Group related information together

Art Connection

You should also be prepared to share one art piece, song, or poem that relates to Astronomy. Please feel free to to be creative when selecting this piece. We will be using these when you inform your viewers about your Astronomy report.

Have fun and be creative. We can’t wait to learn from you!