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Standing Committee Volunteer Application

Due Wednesday June 21st 2017

The BCSS Board of Directors is distributing this call for applications for volunteers to sit on various BCSS Standing Committees. Applicants must be a teacher or administrator at a BCSS Member School. The appointments will be confirmed by the Board of Directors at their meeting in September. The appointments are for two years, and require attendance at one or two meetings per year, plus possible between-meeting consultation. Expenses are covered by BCSS when necessary, and most meetings happen via conference call.

Available Appointments

Coaching Development Committee(4 Positions Available)

The Coaching Development Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the BC School Sports Membership regarding the Association’s programming involvement in coaching development.

Competitive Standards Committee(5 Positions Available)

The Competitive Standards Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the membership regarding championships, seasons of play, age group competition, sport development, medical coverage and risk management at events, and research and develop best practices for organizers and participants.

Member School DisciplineReview Committee (10 Positions Available)

The Member School Discipline Review Committee will act as the review committee for the discipline of member schools as per the BCSS Constitution, Bylaws, Operating Policies and Procedures and Competitive Rules and Regulations. The committee membership is made up of 10 members, with each zone having at least one member appointed by the Board.

Eligibility Appeal Committee(5 Positions Available)

The Eligibility Appeals Committee exists to hear appeals from decisions of the Eligibility Officer.

Scholarships and Awards Committee(1 Position Available)

The Scholarships and Awards Committee is responsible for making selection recommendations to the BCSS Board of Directors for scholarships, student bursary award programs and all other BCSS Annual Member Awards.


Applicants will serve a two year term, from September 2017 to June 2019, unless otherwise appointed by the board.

Standing Committee Volunteer Application

Due Wednesday June 21st 2017

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Standing Committee of Interest

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Applicant’s Qualifications for the Position

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☐I am a teacher/principal at a BCSS Member School

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