/ UniSA Indigenous Education Teaching Award 2017

Application cover sheet

Application type:

o  Individual / o  Team

Applicant’s Details

Note: If this is a team application please give details for the person who is acting as the central contact.

Given Name:
Family Name:
Employee ID:
Phone (w):
Team title:
Team members: If a team application please list the names of other team members included in the application.
Names to appear on Certificate (maximum 5 only, including current titles, e.g. Prof, Dr, Ms. Note that if teams have more than five members, the team title will be used rather than individual names):
Written statement must address criterion A and either criterion B or C:
☐ A. The further development of teaching methods and materials that give students knowledge of the Indigenous cultures and Indigenous knowledges that they require for culturally competent professional practice
☐ B. Scholarly activities that have influenced and enhanced learning and teaching of Indigenous cultural competency at UniSA or
☐ C. High levels of student satisfaction or performance in courses with high levels of teaching methods and materials that give students knowledge of Indigenous cultural competency required for professional practice

Checklist for submission of application

☐ Signed UniSA Indigenous Education Teaching Award application cover sheet (this document);

☐ A written statement of no more than 8 A4 pages addressing the selection criteria (minimum 11 point type in Arial or Calibri, margins at a minimum of 2cm). No columns;

☐ Two signed referee reports, no more than one A4 page each, and on letterhead. One of the referees must be either a Dean in the nominee’s Division, or the Head of the nominee’s School, Institute or administration unit. If the nomination is from a team, the references should apply to the team.


Head of School

Name: ......

Signature: ......

Applicant’s declaration (signed or typed)

Date: / / 2017


An electronic copy of all materials (see checklist above) should be submitted to the Teaching Awards and Grants mailbox at by 5pm Friday 15 September 2017.


Contact Dr Gavin Sanderson, Chair, UniSA Grants and Awards Panel.