Revolutionary War Events
Flip Chart

Directions: You are going to create a flip chart for the main events in the Revolutionary War. Use your book pages 63-75 You will need make the cover with either a picture or colorful. You will need to include the following subjects:
Major subject for flap 1 Title Early Battle of the Revolution
Battles to include:
1. Lexington and Concord
2. Ticonderoga
3. The Battle of Bunker Hill
Flap # 2 Title: The Road to the Declaration of Independence
Subjects to include:
1. The Second Continental Congress and the Olive Branch Petition
2. Common Sense and Thomas Paine
3. Writing the Declaration of Independence
Flap # 3 Title: War in the North
Subjects to include:
1. Washington's Early Campaign, the Continental Army, and the Delaware crossing.
2. Victory Brings French Support: the battle at Saratoga, New York and Frances reaction.
3. Valley Forge what happened?
Flap # 4 Title: War in the West and South
Subjects to include:
1. Clark Drives British from the West.
2. British Successes in the South
3. Victory at Yorktown
4. The Treaty of Paris and the end of the war.
Flap # 5 Title:The Local Impact of the War
1. Loyalists Versus Patriots
2. The Physical Devastation
3. Economic Consequences
Flap #6 Title: The War's Impact on Some Social Groups
1. Black Soldiers Aid the Fight
2. American Indians Lose an Ally
3. Women Join the Battle
Flap# 7 Title: Colonies Form New Governments
1. The duties of each state
2. Rights states gave to the people.
3. Problems that arose with the states.

Required Works Rubric Your Score

Title page colorful and created
/ 1 point
All flaps titled and colorful / 7 points
All required information included
/ 7 points

Total Possible: 15