Local Board Meeting

November 15, 2011

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Athens Technical College

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Athens, GA

November 15, 2011

10:30 A.M.


Mr. Rusty Adams Ms. Patricia Barron

Mr. Bill Cabaniss Mr. Fred Boatwright

Mr. Larry Conn Mr. Terry Chandler

Mr. Vince Dooley Mr. Frank Christa

Mr. Ed Geddings Mr. Stephen Felker

Mr. Scott Hardigree Mr. Don Fortson

Dr. Mixon Robinson

Ms. Carol Williams

Ms. Pet Williams


Ms. Ashley Harp, Jackson Spalding

Ms. Eleanor Sams, Jackson Spalding

Dr. Alysen Heil, Coordinator of Mathematics

Ms. Temple Bennett, Recruitment Coordinator


Vice Chair Ed Geddings called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m. welcoming everyone to the November Board Meeting.


Ms. Sherry Abrams, Public Relations Specialist, introduced Ms. Ashley Harp and Eleanor Sams, guests for the November meeting. Topic: “Public Relations and Marketing Presentation, Ms. Ashley Harp and Eleanor Sams, Jackson Spalding.” Ms. Harp and Ms. Sams are with Jackson Spalding which is a leading Atlanta public relations firm/creative agency that offers media training and coaching, public relations (PR), graphic design, web design, advertising creativity and placement, and multimedia production. Ms. Harp and Ms. Sams have been working with Liz Dalton, Director of Development and Public Relations, on the Athens Technical College Capital Campaign.

Ms. Harp presented a power point presentation on behalf of Jackson Spalding. They are working with the Athens Tech Foundation to launch a capital campaign for the college. Some of the goals of the campaign are generate awareness, personalize accomplishments of students by telling their stories, and position the college for a capital campaign in the next two years.

The title of the campaign is “Technically, I Can” and is designed to give a message of personalization, empowerment, and inspiration. The campaign will go through three phases. The first phase will focus on individuals; the second phase will

focus on student/instructor relationships; and the third phase will focus on legacy and the impact on families.

Tactics for the campaign include advertisements in newspapers, radio, billboards, and magazines as well as social media outlets including twitter and facebook. The campaign will be partially executed online by setting up a microsite linked to the college’s main website. The site will include blogs with students’ stories and factoids about the college.

Dr. Dan Smith introduced Don Nelson who is a new staff member in the Institutional Effectiveness Office. Mr. Nelson, who worked at the Athens Banner-Herald, began working at the college today as a communications specialist.

Dr. Dan Smith introduced Dr. Alysen Heil, the next guest for the November meeting. Topic: “Math Redesign Project, Dr. Alysen Heil, Coordinator of Mathmatics.” Dr. Heil began working at the college in 2003 as a mathematics instructor and then became the coordinator of mathematics.

Dr. Heil presented a power point presentation about a new math design project. The project is looking at redesigning math learning support courses into a modularization model. It will redesign MATH 0097, 0098, and 0099 which will allow students to move through the courses at their own pace. It will eliminate lecture and replace it with a learning resource center that will allow students to pick their learning materials based on their needs.

Students will use software instead of textbooks and will meet with instructors in a computer classroom. They will have one hour with their instructor for class time; two hours with their instructor for lab time; two additional hours of lab time; and two required hours of online time.

A pilot program of twenty-eight students has already been launched with much success. There has been better attendance in class, fewer students leaving class early, and a strong interest and sense of accomplishment among the students. As of October 31, 2011, nine out of the twenty-eight students have moved from MATH 0098 to 0099.

Currently the college is conducting a math pathways project which is studying three new math pathways for students. This will allow students to choose a college algebra path, math modeling path, or statistics path. Students can choose the path that best fits their program of study.

Dr. Smith has obtained a grant to fund the purchasing of forty computers, a new math computer lab, pay for a lab manager, and tutors.


Vice Chair Geddings called for approval of the October minutes for the Local Board. After reviewing, there were no changes to the minutes. Carol Williams made a motion to approve the minutes and Bill Cabaniss seconded the motion with the remainder of the board in agreement. The minutes were approved.



Ms. Kathryn Thomas presented the Financial Report as of October 31, 2011. At this time of the year we should be around 31% expended which is where we are. Our annual operating budget is $25,268,721 with year to date expenses of $8,344,992, which leaves a remaining budget of $16,923,729.


Dr. Dan Smith presented the 2012-2013 Academic Calendar to the board for approval. The calendar begins in Fall 2012 and ends in Summer 2013. It is set up in a category format this time which will make it easier to read.

Vice Chair Geddings called for approval of the 2012-2013 Academic Calendar. Rusty Adams made a motion to approve the calendar and Larry Conn seconded the motion with the remainder of the board in agreement. The 2012-2013 Academic Calendar was approved.


Ms. Andrea Daniel gave the board an update on Student Affairs. She handed out a student activities calendar. The Georgia Fall Leadership Conference will take place in Atlanta this weekend. There are twenty-three students participating in the event.

Ms. Daniel introduced Temple Bennett who will provide an update to the board about the Believe Program. Ms. Bennett provided an update to the board members about the Believe Program which was started in 2004 to help Coile Middle School students graduate from high school. Students who participate in the Believe Program receive a Athens Tech Foundation scholarship to attend Athens Technical College.

We currently have four Believe students attending Athens Technical College and several other Believe students attending other colleges. We had six Believe students graduate from high school in 2011. To date there have been sixteen Believe students graduate from high school with ten of them currently enrolled in colleges. We still have nine Believe students enrolled in high school.

Due to the economic times, we have decided to put the Believe Program money back into the students who are enrolled at the college to help them graduate.


Dr. Tydings presented the President’s Report. She showed the TCDA 20 Years of Success video that was shown at the TCSG Leadership Conference in Savannah.

She is holding the renovation and repair funds so they may be used to fund current projects including the industrial building on the Elbert County Campus.

Work on the Automotive Technology Building is almost completed. She will take the board members on a tour during the January board meeting.

The drawing design work is still taking place on the culinary project in Walton County. The Foundation is going to pay for the project. As of December 31st we will no longer use the Greek Orthodox Church for the culinary program. She has been talking to Clarke County School Superintendent about using the kitchen in the H.T. Edwards Building beginning in the Fall.

She is also having discussions with the Clarke County School Superintendent about the career academy and some things that she wants to happen.

She and Dr. Smith have been asked to serve on the PAS Redesign Committee and will begin meeting with them in January. The college will have a PAS visit in another year.

A small group for the college will be attending a COC meeting in Orlando in December to begin getting ready for our reaffirmation visit in 2014. We have to start developing our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) in January. The QEP is designed to determine weaknesses at the college and develop a plan to improve those weaknesses. The plan will be checked in five years to see how we are doing.

The presidents received good news at President’s Council. Half of summer quarter will be booked revenue for this year.


Pet Williams announced that she and Larry Conn attend a timber harvester’s convention in White Plans. This event enables timber harvesters to obtain certification and participate in continuing education. She passed around photos of the event.


Being no further business, Vice Chair Geddings adjourned the meeting with appropriate motion and second at 12:00 p.m.


Flora W. Tydings, President

Rebecca Allen

Administrative Assistant


Next scheduled Board Meeting: January 17, 2012.

* Denotes action items that require a vote for approval by the local board.