Compost and Garden Coordinator

StarIsland, Isles of Shoals, NH

Description: The Compost and Garden Coordinator will work to implement StarIsland’s sustainability initiative (the Green Gosport Initiative) by working to close the loop in StarIsland’s food and waste systems. This will be accomplished primarily through coordination of the island’s food and biosolids composting systems, oversight of vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, coordination of environmental education programs for children and families, and engagement with staff and guests about environmental issues in order to increase awareness, inspire behavior change, foster a sense of environmental responsibility, and promote the culture of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Daily maintenance of island’s composting facilities in accordance with New Hampshire solid waste regulations and sludge management requirements. This includes set-up, daily temperature readings, management of finishing and curing piles, sifting, testing as required, and distribution.
  • Management of the island’s vegetable, flower, and herb gardens: planning, routine maintenance, planting and crop rotations, basic equipment maintenance, irrigation lay-out and repair, weeding, harvesting, processing, preserving.
  • Maintaining records and tracking produce generated on-island, food waste composted, and cardboard diverted from the waste stream; communicating this information through an environmental dashboard.
  • Oversight of island livestock (poultry, possibly pigs).
  • Recruiting and coordinating volunteers for specific garden projects, work days, or routine tasks.
  • Organizing workshops and events for staff and guests (ex: poultry processing, canning and food preservation).
  • Raising awareness and support of island-wide sustainability through blog updates, tours, signs, displays, presentations, children’s programs, projects, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Working with environmental services team to identify projects of interest related to sustainability then implementing 1-2 specific projects.
  • Participating, as a member of the environmental services team, in general day-to-day tasks, sustainable system tours, and environmental education programs.

This is not a comprehensive list, and other duties and projects will be assigned as needed.

Site:StarIsland, Isles of Shoals, NH

This is a residential position on StarIsland. StarIsland is part of the Isles of Shoals, a small group of islands just off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire. The island is home to a seasonal conference center serving nearly 300 guests a week and operated by just over 100 staff members. StarIsland is a great place to be a part of a dynamic community, experience island living, and enjoy a unique natural environment.

Sustainability on StarIsland

The Green Gosport Initiative (GGI) is StarIsland’s sustainability program. The GGI focuses on supporting the concepts of reduce, reuse, recycle across the island, but also describes the general approach to island energy, water, food, and waste systems. For information about StarIsland see . For more information about StarIsland sustainability and systems see .

Desired qualifications/skills/coursework: Background in sustainable agriculture, horticulture, compost, environmental studies, or related field. Ability to work both independently with limited supervision and collaboratively in group settings; Ability to troubleshoot; Strong attention to detail; Ability to quickly learn complex processes and tasks; Safe, cooperative, respectful individuals who will thrive in the close working and living quarters of Star Island’s remote setting.

Supervision: Kristen Simard, Environmental Services Manager at StarIsland.

Start and End Dates: April 24, 2017-October 16, 2017 (dates are flexible)

Time Commitment: 36-42 hours/week

Compensation: Hourly rate, room and board, on-the-job training

Room and board is provided, including all meals, dormitory-style accommodation in staff quarters, and a rustic island environment. Island residency is required 5-6 days each week with transportation to and from the island provided from StarIsland’s dock in Portsmouth, NH.

How to apply:

Submit (as PDFs) a resume and cover letter to by Monday, January 23rd. Please also complete the general StarIsland employment application: selecting Compost and Garden Coordinator as first job preference and including the two requested references.