Office Workstation Self-Assessment Checklist

This checklist is designed as a general tool for identifying possible problems with workstation set-up. There may be other issues that need to be considered depending on the specific type of work undertaken and equipment used.

What is a Good Working Posture?

You need to be comfortable and well-supported so that you reduce muscle strain and fatigue, specifically

·  Shoulders relaxed

·  Elbows close to the sides of your body

·  Forearms flat and level with the desk top, wrists straight

·  Back well supported

·  Feet firmly supported

Answer the following questions for your workstation.

“No” indicates a potential problem.

If you have “No” answers, contact Ergonomica for a full ergonomics assessment.

Tel: (08) 9386 1419

Chair / Yes / No
Chair height easily adjustable? /
Backrest height easily adjustable?
Adequate seat size? ie. not too large or too small?
Backrest angle adjustable forwards and backwards?
Arm rests do not prevent you sitting close to the desk?
Footrest provided if needed to prevent pressure on underside of thighs?
Castors roll easily on floor?
Note: If hard flooring, castors should not roll too easily
Desk / Yes / No
Desk top thickness less than 30 mm? /
Adequate leg space under the desk?
Adequate space to position computer screen comfortably?
Adequate space to position frequently used items within easy reach?
Computer / Yes / No
Screen at comfortable height? ie. top of screen below user’s eye height
Screen at comfortable distance? ie. arm’s length away
Mouse positioned close to keyboard?
If you wear glasses, is your prescription designed specifically for computer use?
If you use the telephone a lot, do you have a headset?
Environment / Yes / No
Lighting adequate and comfortable? ie. enough light to read documents, and no glare or reflections in screen /
Noise levels appropriate?
Temperature and airflow comfortable?
Work Organisation / Yes / No
Able to vary tasks and take breaks from keyboard?
Any Other Comments

For more information contact Ergonomica on (08) 9386 1419

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