Conditional practice

6th Grade Unit 7

1.- Complete the Conditional Sentences (first) by putting the verbs into the correct form.

1.  If you (send) send this letter now, she (receive) will receive it tomorrow.

2.  If I (do) ______this test, I (improve) ______my English.

3.  If I (find) ______your ring, I (give) ______it back to you.

4.  Peggy (go) ______shopping if she (have) ______time in the afternoon.

5.  Simon (go) ______to London next week if he (get) ______a cheap flight.

6.  If her boyfriend (phone / not) ______today, she (leave) ______him.

7.  If they (study / not) ______harder, they (pass / not) ______the exam.

8.  If it (rain) ______tomorrow, I (have to / not) ______water the plants.

9.  You (be able/ not) ______to sleep if you (watch) ______this scary film.

10.  Susan (can / move / not) ______into the new house if it (be / not) ______ready on time.

2.- Complete with the second conditional.

1.- If I ______(to come) home earlier, I ______(to prepare) dinner.

2.- If we ______(to live) in Rome, Francesco ______(to visit) us.

3.- If Tim and Tom ______(to be) older, they ______(to play) in our hockey team.

4.- If he ______(to be) my friend, I ______(to invite) him to my birthday party.

5.- If Susan ______(to study) harder, she ______(to be) better at school.

6.- If they ______(to have) enough money, they ______(to buy) a new car.

7.- If you ______(to do) a paper round, you ______(to earn) a little extra money.

8.- If Michael ______(to get) more pocket money, he ______(to ask) Doris out for dinner.

9.- If we ______(to hurry), we ______(to catch) the bus.

10.- If it ______(to rain), Nina ______(to take) an umbrella with her.

3.- Complete with the third conditional

1.  If the weather ______(to be) nice, they ______(to play) football.

2.  If we ______(to go) to a good restaurant, we ______(to have) a better dinner.

3.  If John ______(to learn) more words, he ______(to write) a good report.

4.  If the boys ______(to take) the bus to school, they ______(to arrive) on time.

5.  If the teacher ______(to explain) the homework, I ______(to do) it.

6.  If they ______(to wait) for another 10 minutes, they ______(to see) the pop star.

7.  If the police ______(to come) earlier, they ______(to arrest) the burglar.

8.  If you ______(to buy) fresh green vegetable, your salad ______(to taste) better.

9.  If Alex ______(to ask) me, I ______(to email) the documents.

10.  If he ______(to speak) more slowly, Peggy ______(to understand) him.

4.- Complete the Conditional Sentences with the correct form (Type I, II or III).

1.- If I______(be) stronger, I'd help you carry the piano.

2.- If we'd seen you, we ______(stop).

3.- If we ______(meet) him tomorrow, we'll say hello.

4.- He would have repaired the car himself if he ______(have) the tools.

5.- If you drop the vase, it ______(break).

6.- If I hadn't studied, I ______(not pass) the exam.

7.- I wouldn't go to school by bus if I ______(have) a driving licence.

8.- If she ______(not see) him every day, she'd be lovesick.

9.- I ______(not travel) to London if I don't get a cheap flight.

10.- We'd be stupid if we ______(tell) him about our secret.