School of Education

Interview Questions for Part-Time Faculty Pool: Supervisor


Introductions of Committee

  1. What attracted you to this position of being a supervisor?
  1. Briefly describe your K-12 experiences that you believe uniquely qualifies you for this position of supervising teacher candidates. (would they be comfortable/qualified to supervise both SS and MS?)
  1. Briefly describe your supervision experiences and your style, philosophy and/or process in providing feedback to teacher candidates.
  1. What knowledge or experiences have you had that will contribute to candidates’ successful work with learners from diverse populations including English learners?
  1. Describe a memorable mentoring situation in which you were able to provide feedback/guidance to another teacher. Why is it memorable?
  1. Given the following scenario, describe the methods and approach you might use to provide effective feedback to this teacher candidate [see attached (e.g., candidate asks students to taste sugar, juice & oil; candidate teaches incorrect content, uses inappropriate language, etc.)]
  1. Do you have questions for us?


Single Subject

You are supervising a candidate in a high school English class. He has several tattoos, which are mostly covered. However, students do see some and are intrigued. In an effort to motivate students, he initiates a competition for them to create his next “body art.” The cooperating teacher is very concerned about this. What would you do?

Multiple Subject

You are supervising a candidate in a kindergarten classroom on a lesson about the five senses. The children have just returned from recess when she begins the lesson, which requires students taste different liquids. She instructs students to dip their fingers into different liquids, which include molasses, cornstarch and cooking oil. Most students dip their fingers multiple times into the group bowls. The cooperating teacher is not in the room. Given the dirty hands from recess, the double-dipping, and the type of liquids being tasted, you are very concerned. What would you do?

Bilingual—Multiple Subject

You are supervising in a 3rd grade regular education classroom. It is clear that two students in the class are newcomers who speak and understand very little English. Your candidate has placed the two students together in the back of the room to copy vocabulary words while the rest of the class engages in a science inquiry based lesson.

What would you do?

Bilingual—Single Subject

You are supervising in an ELD class that has a combination emergent bilinguals at all different levels including newcomers and long-term English learners. All students in the class are writing simple sentences using basic English vocabulary words.

What would you do?

SPED—Mild /Mod
You walk into the classroom and one of the students is getting up out of there seat, wondering around and not completing work. The student then approaches another student and starts talking to them and gets them off track. The student teacher continues on with their lesson and does not say anything to either student, what would you do?
You are supervising in a mod/severe classroom it is a Friday afternoon. The student teacher is working 1:1 with one student and the rest of the students are either playing video games, or watching a movie for “free choice Friday.” One student is sitting in their wheelchair faced towards the wall as the Paraeducators chat with one another. What do you do?

June 2014