About the scheme

The Help to Learn scheme has been designed BY The Beauty Company to help learners overcome the often expensive fees often attached to semi-permanent training programs. The scheme offers training courses at very affordable rates, which facilitates further training in your chosen subject without having the additional burden of repaying a student or bank loan, where interest is often incurred.

With no credit checks or household income taken into consideration the scheme allows learners the simplicity and freedom to embark on a course without having to worry about incurring additional debt to do so. The recruitment process is very flexible; all we ask is that you are passionate and willing to learn.

Enrolment requirements:

·  You must be 21 or over to enroll.

·  Be able to commit to the applied learning hours.

·  Be able to afford the course fees

To enroll you will need to pay a £100 non-refundable deposit to secure your space on the course.

Courses available:

Complete SPMU Course: £975.00

For a detailed breakdown of the course please contact a representative for a copy the course prospectus.

How it works

Learners will pay a one off fee of £975 to cover the cost of the training. The fee will cover the cost of practical and theory based training and the provision of equipment and materials required for the duration of your training only.

Please note: Equipment, kit and materials provided during your course remain the exclusive property of the training provider and are not included in the course price of £975; however essential items can be purchased separately, directly from the training provider for future use.

Basic kit items such as machines, needles, pigments and consumables are provided during training. You will however be required to your own equipment once the training has been completed. Please ask for a kit list for recommended equipment options and prices.

Facts and figures:

·  Maximum fee for individual courses associated with the scheme is £975.00.

·  Full training in your chosen subject.

·  Accredited certification on completion.

·  The opportunity to train with industry experts.

·  Support and guidance during and after your course.

·  £100 deposit to secure your space.

The Qualification

·  Qualifications are recognised and accredited through Professional Beauty Direct and you will be able to obtain relevant insurances upon completion in order to practice safely and effectively.

·  Qualifications will allow you to practice safely and effectively, whilst being recognised within the industry.

·  The course is an intensive course that runs over a total of 6 days and includes a total of 78 guided learning hours.

The Training provider

Why Train with us?

The aesthetic beauty industry has continued to grow over the past few years with more and more people having regular aesthetic beauty treatments. The industry is constantly evolving with specialist treatments at the forefront.

The aesthetic beauty industry offers a wide range of exciting career options with plenty of potential to earn a comfortable living, whilst offering flexible working hours.

Our courses are carried out by experienced and fully qualified aesthetic experts. Each of our aesthetic trainers is currently active within in the industry, providing weekly clinics to a vast clientele, ensuring their skill and knowledge is up to date and on point.

What our courses offer:

·  Fast track study – Suitably competent students may gain fast track qualifications to enable the ability to start making money ASAP.

·  Training manuals – You will be provided with a hard copy of your training manual upon securing your space on the course.

·  Training equipment - All training equipment is provided for the duration of the course, each of our courses comes complete with all essential training equipment required to practice during the training.

·  Ongoing support – We provide a free ongoing support network to all our students during, throughout and after your course.

·  Instant Certification – Once you have proven your competence and have gained your qualification your tutor will provide you with well-presented certification, which will assist your introduction into your new exciting career.

·  Qualified and experienced tutors – Each of our beauty educators have had extensive industry experience and teaching qualification ensuring you are receiving the best tuition and most up to date tuition.

·  Small groups – No more than 6 trainees per group.

·  Recognised qualifications – Our courses are recognised with industry organisations allowing you to obtain relevant insurances once qualified.

Accreditations and insurances:

The Beauty Company is recognised with the UK register of learning providers:

UKPRN number: 10048777.

Our qualifications are accredited and insured via: The professional Beauty Direct

We are insured to teach via: Salon Gold

Course Content and Structure

Stage one Structure:

6 Days training

·  16 Hours practice at home on mannequins must be completed

·  24 Hours of theory and tutor demonstrations

·  12 Hours of practice on practice skin must be completed in class

Day one: Theory

10am-10.30am: Course introduction/meet and greet and refreshments

10.30-12pm: Theory knowledge part 1

12pm-12:45pm Lunch Break

12.45-13.45: Theory part 2

13.45-14.45: Theory part 2

14.45-16.00: Day one discussion and session close

Day 2: Brow course

10am-10.30am: refreshments and re-cap of day one

10.30-12pm: Theory

12pm-12:45pm Lunch Break

12.45-13.45: Tutor demo on live model

13.45-16.00: Student practice

16.00: discussion and session close

Day 3: Brow course and eyeliner

10am-10.30am: refreshments and re-cap of day two

10.30-12pm: practice

12pm-12:45pm Lunch Break

Eyeliner course

12.45-13.45: Theory

13.45-14.45: tutor demo

14.45-16.00: Student practice

16.00: discussion and session close

Day 4: Lip Liner

10am-10.30am: refreshments and re-cap of day one

10.30-12pm: Practical tutor demo

12pm-12:45pm Lunch Break

12.45-13.45: Tutor demo

13.45-14.45: Student practice

14.45-16.00: Student practice

16.00 discussion and session close

Stage Two:

·  5 hours’ practical assessment to be carried out on live model

·  1-hour Exam

·  8 Hours case study

Day 5 and 6: DATE TO BE ALLOCATED. The assessment must be completed 3 months from start date.

Treatment techniques taught;

Brows – Hair stroke, powder and 3d

Lips – Lip liner, blush and full lips

Eye liner – top and bottom liner

How to apply

·  Request an enrolment form by contacting the training provider at .

·  Choose the date you would like to start - There will only be a maximum of 6 spaces per month available.

·  Complete and return the form.

·  Pay deposit of £100.00 (nonrefundable, must be paid upon booking to ensure space is secured)

·  Once deposit is paid your space will be secured.


·  Course fees and deposits are nonrefundable but are transferrable, should you be unable to attend.

·  In the instance the school has to postpone or change a training date, students will be given as much notice as possible and any money paid will be refunded.

·  There must be a minimum of 2 students in attendance on the course for it to run. In the instance there isn’t the required number of students in attendance, you will be transferred straight onto the next available course. You will be informed of any changes 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

·  Course start times are generally 10am-4pm with one 45 minute break. Course times are subject to change depending on the amount of time required to cover the work load. Each student will be given as much time as required.

·  Course fees must be paid in full 1 week prior to attending, unless agreed otherwise. No payment plans will be offered.

To request an enrolment form please email:


Office telephone line operation hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 4pm-6.00pm

Saturday-Sunday- Closed