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Civil War Gallery Walk Study Guide

John Bell Hood was the first commander of the Texas Brigade, or Hood’s Texas Brigade. He was sent to Virginia to fight in 1862. The troops were distinguished in battle, leading to Hood’s promotion to major general. In fact, General Lee referred to Hood’s Texas Brigade as the “finest fighters” in the Civil War. Hood’s Texas Brigade played an active role during the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863. Hood was wounded in his left arm, which he could no longer use. The brigade also fought in the Battle of Chickamauga. Hood lost his right leg during that battle. He had to be strapped to his saddle in order to ride, which he did during the battle to keep Union General Sherman from invading Georgia.

  • What did Hood get promoted to?
  • What did General Lee call Hood’s Brigade?
  • What happened to Hood’s right leg?

John Reagan served as Postmaster General of the Confederacy and as Texas’ Democratic Party leader. At the end of the Civil War he was captured by Union troops and imprisoned in Boston. He wrote a public letter from prison encouraging Texans to go along with the requirements by the U.S. government to reenter the Union. That view was not popular in Texas at that time. After his imprisonment was over, he worked to restore political harmony and Democratic Party power in Texas as the state complied with Reconstruction legislation. He was called the “Old Roman”, someone who had sacrificed for the good of his fellow Texans.

  • What was Reagan’s job during the Civil War?
  • What unpopular view did Reagan have?
  • What was his nickname? Why was he called that?

Francis Lubbock was the first governor of Texas as a Confederate government under the Confederate President Jefferson Davis. He joined the Democratic Party during the Nullification Crisis of 1832 and was active in the state party in the 1850s. After serving as governor, he served in the army with Major General Magruder.

  • What was Lubbock’s position?
  • What did he do when he was done with this position?

Thomas Green served as a Texas Confederate general during the Civil War. He led troops into New Mexico, defeating Union soldiers at Valverde, but losing at the Battle of Glorieta. He participated in the Battle of Galveston in January 1863. His greatest success was when he led Confederate troops to victor during the Red River Campaign. He died during this campaign in April 1864.

  • What was Green’s position during the Civil War?
  • What are some of the battles he fought in?
  • What was his greatest success?

John Magruder served as a Confederate major general during the Civil War and commander of Texas troops. He successfully led his troops during the Battle of Galveston on January 1, 1863, giving Texas temporary relief from the Union blockade. Galveston remained in Confederate control until the end of the war.

  • What was Magruder’s position during the Civil War?
  • What battle did he successfully lead his men?
  • What was the significance of this battle?

[Battle of Galveston] The Union wanted to capture Galveston and use it as a base of operations during the Civil War. Galveston was an important port for importing and exporting cargo for the Confederate cause. The Union captured Galveston in October 1862 but lost it as a result of the Battle of Galveston in January 1863.

  • Why did the Union want Galveston?
  • Why did the Confederacy want Galveston?
  • What happened to Galveston?

[Battle of Sabine Pass] Union troops tried to invade the Confederacy through the Sabine Pass, a narrow channel near the border of Texas and Louisiana. This was the Union’s big offensive attack in an attempt to capture Texas. Confederate troops under the David Guards engaged the Union ships. The Davis Guards were led by Texan Dick Dowling. Two of the Union ships were sunk, 35o Union soldiers captured, and no other ships ever attempted to sail into the channel.

  • Why did the Union go to the Sabine Pass?
  • What were the end results of the battle?
  • What was the significance of the battle?

[Battle of Palmito Ranch] This skirmish is considered to be the last land battle of the Civil War. It took place in South Texas near Brownsville, where the Confederacy had relocated some import and export activity as a result of the Union blockades. At the time, the Union controlled the port at Brownsville. The battle took place on May 13, 1865, after the surrender at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, by the Confederacy to the Union. However, these troops had not yet received the news. The Confederates won the battle.

  • Where did this battle occur?
  • When did this battle occur?
  • What was the outcome of the battle?