College Student Alliance Conference Summary

CSI Summary Conference Report

College Student Alliance Conference (CSA)

Date:July 13, 2017

Location:Centennial College – Toronto

Purpose of the Conference

The purpose of CSA in a Day was to congregate with student leaders from other student associations across Ontario. CSA provided updates on advocacy, transitions, and other CSA related activity. The conference also provided a transition component to help new student leaders understand their roles and responsibilities.

Sessions/Presentations Attended

Over the course of the day, many presentations were attended by the student leaders and general managers. The sessions ranged from CSA staff to industry professionals on ministry priorities, college bargaining agreements, and research projects. All of the presentations revolved around issues facing students today, and/or how to be an efficient SA with research, as well as the responsibilities of student leaders. Below is a list of the different sessions:

  • Feedback on Ministry Priorities – Danielle Pierre (Policy Analyst at MAESD)
  • Operations Policy – John Horrox (Research & Policy Analyst at MAESD)
  • Collective Bargaining – Peter McKreacher (Director of Labour Relations at College Employer Council)
  • CSA Round Tables – CSA Board
  • CSA Leadership Scholarship – Joel Willett (CSA President)
  • Research Plan – John Horrox
  • Point Bank Presentation – AJ Adams (Programs and Event Manager at CSA)
  • Plenary – CSA Board

For a detailed description of the sessions, please refer to each director’s individual report available in the CSI office.

Contacts Established

For a list of contacts established, please refer to each Director’s individual reports available in the CSI office.

Negative Aspects

The overall consensus of the negative aspects of the conference were:

  1. Limited membership able to attend
  2. Government priorities
  3. Some speakers were not well prepared

Benefit to CSI/What You Want to Bring Back to Campus

The overall consensus of the benefits of the conference included:

  1. Receive updates on government initiatives and campus initiatives
  2. Understanding the importance of feedback
  3. Offered a good opportunity to reconnect with other SAs

Recommendations (If Any)

  • None