One Card Meeting
Monday, December 01, 2014
Start Time: 2:04 p.m.


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Casi Frazier – Rec. Center
Joel Bagley – Food Services
Steve Horner - Housing
Raymond Fisco – University Center
Tungsten Alcazar - IT
Shad Harder - IT
Mike Belding - IT
Kirk Moore - IT
Sarah Mensch - IT

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·  Current/new issues

o  Tungsten reported that a few doors had issues right before break. A board in the power supply had gone bad, and a replacement was ordered. Doors are operational with the assistance from Eric Bedford (Housing Maintenance).

·  System Upgrade –December 23rd.

o  Upgrade over Thanksgiving break did not take place, due to internal staffing issues in IT

o  Plan:

§  Upgrade with Heartland is still scheduled for the 23rd of December.

o  New POS’s

§  POS’s are on campus

§  Joel is working on a PO for the coordinating cash drawers and printers, as the old ones are not compatible with the new system.

§  In case equipment does not arrive on time for the 23rd :

·  There is one new system, in the Event Center, that is functional and can be moved over to either Clyde’s or CU Coffee

·  New software works with the old systems, and can be installed until all necessary equipment arrives.

§  Tungsten will contact Heartland to see delivery time frame.

o  One Card system (this includes issuance of photo ID’s) will be down on the 23rd and 24th of December. Kirk and Ray will contact ENT to make them aware.

·  Rec Center

o  Meeting with Tungsten, Shad and Kirk was never scheduled.

o  Barbara Gaddis has requested stats for swipes at the Rec. Center

Casi will gather ID numbers from students who are receiving “Red Swipes” at the Rec Center. Tungsten noted that the cards are showing up in the “Student” group but are not showing up in the “Rec” group. Tungsten, Shad and Kirk will meet to discuss this issue.

Tungsten noted that the computer at the Rec Center needs to be replaced. Tungsten will work with Ernie Alfonso to send over a quote for a computer that will get the Rec Center through the migration and moving forward.

o  Casi is now manually entering in paying customers into groups.

·  Break Procedures

o  Flex Dollar Plan

§  Plan ends on December 20. Flex Dollars will be removed after the 20th and prior to the upgrade.

§  All meal plans will be dumped at the same time. Dining Services employee meals will be left alone.

·  Discussion concerning student employee taking over responsibility of recording employee meals.

o  Tungsten will create an account for Naomi Leigh to assist Joel in this process.

o  Between Semester Groups

§  Housing – Completely dump out Summit.

§  Steve will contact Kirk in regards to the process for Alpine.

§  A student One Card dump, for students not enrolled in the spring semester, will occur on December 22nd, and will include rec. center, specified door access list, phone directory, student listserv and munch money. Shad will check in to see if the Library should be included in this dump as well.

·  Chadron State College visit was postponed with no date set for the rescheduled visit.

·  Updates:

o  University Center

§  No concerns/updates

§  Ray will send IT an invoice for the cardstock and ink.

o  Housing

§  No concerns/updates.

o  Food Services

§  Joel received the Power Supply needed to University Hall bringing UHALL back online.

o  Rec Center

§  Tungsten will pull a list of past and present Rec Center Building Managers and send the list to Casi for review and revisions.

Add this into the “End of Semester” checklist.

Meeting ended 2:43 p.m.

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