The ABC’s of Kindergarten at Nebo Elementary 2017-2018

A-Arrival! The school opens at 7:15. Breakfast begins at 7:40. Students may enter the class at 7:40. If you are here before 7:40, your child will need to go to the cafeteria. Arrivals after 7:50 are considered tardy. If you arrive after 7:50am, your child will need a tardy note from the front desk. Our mornings are extremely fast paced and we start instruction at 8:00!

Attendance! If your child is absent because of an illness ALWAYS send a parent note or a doctor’s note stating why your child was out. The attendance policy has changed for McDowell County Schools. See the separate handout to learn about the changes.

B-Breakfast! All students will receive breakfast in the classrooms. Breakfast will be served promptly at 7:40. Breakfast is free for everyone.

Birthdays! You may bring in cupcakes to be served at lunch. Everything must be store bought. Just let your child’s teacher know ahead of time!

C-Communication! I will be sending blue folders/notebooks home every night with information to return to school or keep at home. This folder will also contain behavior sheets that need to be signed and returned to school. On Friday’s, your child will receive all the work they completed for the week. You may keep this work at home.

Conferences! Please attend all parent conferences during the school year. We will work with your schedules to ensure you can attend. We will be meeting twice during the year.

D-Dismissal! Bus riders will be dismissed at 2:45. Students who are car riders or after school will be dismissed at 2:45 to the cafeteria. Car riders must have a car tag to pick their child up. Parents picking up their children are asked to stay in the car line. Please do not walk down to the classroom to pick up your child. You must pick you child up in the car line by 3:10.

Discipline! See page 4.

E-Email! You may reach me via email at

Emergency! Please make sure we have updated emergency information at all times such as new phone numbers, custody agreements, etc…

F-Field Trips! The Kindergarten team is working on a trip to the apple orchard in Morganton in September/October. Information to follow…just make a note.

Fundraisers! There will be fundraisers throughout the year. You will receive flyers and letters whenever there is a fundraiser or event.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables! We will have fresh fruit and vegetables starting on September 18. For the month of September, we will serve Monday-Thursday. Starting in October, we will serve Monday-Wednesday.

G-Gym! Please note the calendar for days we have PE. Make sure your child has on comfortable clothing and proper shoes that day. The homework sheet has PE days marked.

H-Homework! Please check for homework each night in the blue folder/notebook and sign.

Health! Make sure we know of any major health issues that occur during the year.

I-Immunizations! Kindergarten students need all immunizations up to date.

J-Journals! We will be learning how to write full sentences this year.

K-Kindness! Students in our classroom are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class as well as others with kindness and respect.

L-Lunch! Lunch is free for all students. Please, memorize your lunch number!! We will be eating at ______. A monthly menu of hot lunches will be sent home. Children will be allowed to choose between two choices. Kindergarten students are permitted to buy extra food items. Students may also pack their lunches. We cannot warm any lunches sent from home.

Library! Children will have the chance to visit the library and check out books. Please make sure books are returned when finished.

M-Money! When sending money please place it in a labeled baggie or envelope with a note telling what the money is for and the amount sent. *Don’t forget to put a name on it.

N-Notes! You may send notes via the blue folder/notebook. We will also send notes home inside the folder as well. Please note any changes in transportation or person picking your child up. We cannot go on what the child tells us. It must be in written form from you or you can make a phone call to the school before 2:00 and they will deliver the message. Any notes will be sent to the office for the secretary.

O-Opportunities! You may volunteer or participate anytime throughout the year. Just send your child’s teacher or Ellen Miller (School Counselor) an email or note to school. We need parents to help tear math pages out of their workbooks, cut and staple books together, and other tasks.

P-Parties! We will schedule 2 celebrations this year. We will get to make crafts, sing songs, and enjoy treats.

Playground! We will visit the playground each day. Please dress your child appropriately. Tennis shoes are the best due to small gravel covering the ground.

Q-Questions! Just email, call, come by or send a note!

R-Restrooms! Children will always have access to the restrooms and we will also set aside time each day to go as a whole group.

Rest! Please make sure that your child gets a good night's sleep every day. We do not have nap time like we have in the past.

S-Snack! Please pack your child a healthy snack each day. Please no drinks. The students will have an opportunity to get water.

Special Classes! We go to computers, library, art, PE, character education, music, and enrichment.

T-Toys! Please do not allow children to bring toys unless it is a special occasion and the teacher has sent a note home.

U-Unbelievable! The progress of each child will be unbelievable! We are so excited to have you!

V-Visitors! You are always welcome here at Nebo. Just check in with the office to get a name badge.

W-Web Page! You may access the county page at

X-Extra Clothing! All Kindergarteners need to send in a change of clothing. Please send an extra shirt, shorts/pants, socks, and underwear just in case they have an accident at school.

Y-You! Parents you are the child’s BEST teacher! Please know how much your child looks up to you. Let’s work as a great team this year!

Z-ZZZZZ’s! Make sure your child always gets plenty of rest for each of our fun filled days. There is no naptime.