Minutes of Bethesda Patient Participation Group Meeting

20 January 2016

Held at DarwinCourt

Apologies: Nil

Present:9 members, Sue Clarke, Rachael Cousins.

Thanet Health Reference Group

XX and XX attended the second meeting on 13 January and they said it was a lot better than the previous one. They were told that the CCG are trying to change medications where possible to generic rather than branded names to make them more cost effective, and patients are being sent letters informing them of the changes.

They discussed the amount of medication that is wasted either through over ordering or ordering of items no longer required. XX mentioned that ventolin inhalers can have the pump part in them reused and it is being looked into as to whether some items may be able to be returned so that they can be reused or sent abroad

The use of EPS was discussed and it was agreed that this is good to have in place as not all surgeries currently do this

XX said that Ageless Thanet are willing to pay to have Coffee mornings in places where there is space,they also offer Tai Chi,Dancing,Singing etc.

Roger Hayes gave the attendees a presentation on a film project based at Margate Bowling Club on the Cliftonville Community Cinema.

The next meeting for the THRG will be on Wednesday 20th April at the QEQM.

Surgery Update

Rachael informed the group that Dr Su and Dr Bhide have joined the surgery as salaried GP’s. We are still short of GP’s so we are currently advertising for a Nurse Practitioner and a Paramedic Practitioner as well as GP’s.


Rachael informed the group that Dr Miller was currently off for 6 weeks and his patients are being seen by locum GP’s.

XX said that when waiting on the phone to make an appointment it no longer says what position you are in the queue. Post Meeting Note-This has been re-instated.

The group asked if it is possible that when a GP is away the automated service can offer an alternative GP. Rachael explained that the software cannot accommodate this.

Rachael advised the group that some of the GP’s now triage all their PM appointments by telephoning the patients first and then calling them in to be seen if it is necessary.


Rachael asked the group if they had any suggestions for guest speakers for future meetings. Ageless UK, Nicole Foad-Bailey (Primary Care Visitor) and a Bethesda GP were suggested.

XX mentioned Healthwatch who are available to help patients who are experiencing problems with their health .XX said that they are having a table in the Reception area of the QEQM on 1st February to advertise themselves and what they can do for patients.

The next meeting is scheduled for 10.30am on Wednesday 20 April at Darwin Court.

Mission Statement

“Good Communication “