Checklist – Supporting Documentation

Please note that Housing ACT will not accept an application until all mandatory documents are provided.

For further information see the ‘Registering for Housing Assistance’ Fact Sheet.

MANDATORY DOCUMENTS- you MUSTprovide these documents before Housing ACT can accept your application and conduct an assessment interview.

Place a  in the box if the document is attached to your application.

Proof of identity - these must total 100 points for each applicant and adult household member. A birth certificate or immunisation record is sufficient proof of identity of a dependent child.

Proof of income - from all sources e.g. Centrelink statement or signed consent to obtain Centrelink information, Austudy, wages, overseas pensions, interest earnings, profit & loss statements etc. for all applicants and household members over 16 years of age.

Proof of residency in the ACT–Centrelink address history, current residential lease, 6 months transaction statements from a bank etc

Details of all bank accounts, savings and investments - details of all accounts i.e. statements or bank books. Receipts from automatic tellers and internet bank receipts are NOT acceptable. These DO NOT provide the level of information required by Gateway Services.

Notice of Bankruptcy.

Documents relating to any ownership or interest in real estate– i.e. documents that show settlement details or any outstanding mortgages, property market value, the property is on the market for sale, the property is being repossessed and details of any expected equity from the sale.

SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS- these documents support the assessment of your application and the needs category you will be placed on. Housing ACT can conduct a reassessment at any stage these documents are provided.

Proof of legal custody or access to dependent children–such as Court Orders and Access Orders.

Medical certificates - which explain your medical history and how they relate to your housing needs, including any specific property requirements.

Support letters - from community agencies, homelessness services, doctors, welfare workers, employers etc. and how they relate to your housing needs.

Any other relevant information – to support your application for housing assistance.

If you have any questions about this fact sheet and the documents you are required to provide, please contact Housing ACT on 133427 or come into the Housing ACT office in Nature Conservation House (open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) and a staff member will assist you in person.