Methods and “Do actions have owners”: Pass/fail criteria, does it exist?

Survey possible questions:


  • Ease of movement in area
  • How easy is it to find a skid (of a specific product)
  • How easy is it to put a skid away
  • How easy is it to access a skid (once it has been found)
  • How well does are respond to changes in demand (more/less skids)


  • How easy is it to store/retrieve QA samples
  • How easy is it to differentiate product types
  • How easy is it identify overflow types (QA hold vs. waiting for reefer)
  • How easy is it to count the number of skids (hard count/cycle count)
  • How useable are the flow racks
  • How well is unavailability of reefers handled

General satisfaction

  • How happy with QA sample process
  • How does the area look
  • How easy is it to fix a problem when it arises
  • How would you rate the overall system (freezer operations)

Other measurements

  • #skids in room
  • #accessible skids

Customer Need / Spec / Numerical Goal
CN1 / Number of finished goods pallets not on hold / <5 at any time
CN2 / Reduction in # of dripping incidents / >50%
CN3 / Reduction in Goods damaged by dripping / >50%
CN4 / # of pallets not recorded / < 5 a week
CN5 / # pallets not recorded / < 5 a week
CN6 / # of cases palletized incorrectly / <2 a week (How to measure?)
CN7 / # of accessible pallet position / 10% increase at high volume levels
CN8 / Average number of pallets in freezer(weekly running average) / 40% reduction
CN9 / System takes into account all possible levels of demand / Yes
CN10 / Time to find specific skid / <30 seconds
CN11 / Time to find specific WIP rack / <30 seconds
CN12 / Take into account changes being made vis a vis RSC3 / Yes
CN13 / Organized storage location for QA Samples / Yes
CN14 / # QA hold pallets not accessible / 0
CN15 / Defined Ownership of Raw Material removal / Yes
CN16 / Defined Owner for Receiving raw materials / Yes
CN17 / Defined owner for the storage and handling of Wip / Yes
CN18 / Defined Owner for Holds(QA and limited production) / Yes